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Top 6 Client Portal Software for Agency Management in 2024

Client Portal Software

Client portal software emerges as a one-stop-solution for agencies. Tight project deadlines, endless emails, and continuous client queries are regular scenarios of an agency. And, this software is like an online HQ where clients can easily – 

  • See project updates
  • Share files and feedback
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Even make payments! 

Already, 56% of companies using client portals, and over 80% plannig to increase their investments in this technology! 

However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the one that meets your need is difficult. Therefore, we’ve compared the top 20 client portals and came up with the best six. 

Quick List of Top 6 Client Portal Software for agency management –

  1. Agency Handy: Best for a small team looking for an affordable all-in-one solution.  
  1. Basecamp: Best for simple task tracking and team communication.
  1. Proofhub: Best for project planning, team collaboration, and time tracking.  
  1. Teamgantt: Best for timeline maanagement.

     5. Moxo: Best for secure communication and document sharing for enterprises. 

  1. Zoho: Best for comprehensive solution. 

What Is Client Portal Software?

Client portal software is a special online tool that businesses use to talk to their clients easily and securely. Imagine it like a private online room where clients can get everything they need, like seeing updates on their projects or finding important documents, without having to send lots of emails or make phone calls.

Here’s Why It’s Great

  • Easy Communication: Clients can quickly ask questions or find information without waiting.
  • All in One Place: Everything, from documents to messages, is kept in one spot, so it’s super easy to find what you need.
  • Safe and Secure: The software keeps all the information locked up tight, so only the right people can see it.

In short, client portal software makes it easier and safer for clients to get what they need from a business. It’s like having a direct line to the services they need, whenever they need them, all without the hassle of back-and-forth communication.

7 Benefits of Client Portals

Incorporating a client portal into your agency’s operations can significantly enhance productivity and client satisfaction. Here are seven key benefits – 

  • Streamlined Communication

Streamlines interactions between teams and clients in one place, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed, promoting clear and efficient communication.

  • Enhanced Project Management

Agencies that utilize task management and workflow organization features report a 30% reduction in project delays, leading to more timely deliveries and higher client satisfaction.

  • Customized Service  Offerings

The ability to tailor services directly within the portal allows for a personalized approach to client needs, enhancing the client experience by offering precisely what they need.

  • Efficient Proposal and Quotation Creation

Generating and managing proposals and quotations within the portal simplifies the initial stages of client engagement, facilitating a smoother transition from prospecting to project kickoff.

  • Optimised Resource Allocation

Effective task organization and workflow management can lead to a 40% improvement in resource utilization, maximizing productivity and reducing overhead.

  • Issue Resolution

Implementing a ticket-based system for issue management ensures that any client or project concerns are addressed promptly, maintaining project momentum and client satisfaction.

  • Increased Transparency

Giving clients access to view their project’s progress, documentation, and communications through the portal builds a transparent relationship, fostering trust and loyalty over time.

The 6 Best Client Portal

Selecting the ideal client portal software is crucial for enhancing your agency’s operational efficiency and client relationships. Below is a comparison of 6 leading client portal software options, highlighting their key features to help you make an informed choice.

SoftwareCapabilitiesUser-FriendlinessCollaboration FeaturesIntegration CapabilitiesAffordability
Agency HandyComprehensive agency managementIntuitive interfaceHigh (team & client portals)Wide range of integrationsStart from $49/month (yearly)
BasecampProject management and team collaborationUser-friendlyHigh (message boards, to-dos)Limited integrations$299/month for unlimited users
ProofhubProject planning and trackingUser-friendlyHigh (message, boards, to-dos)Moderate integrations$89/month for unlimited users
TeamganttGantt chart-based projectEasy to useModerate integrationsModerate integrationsStarts from $19/month. Per manager
MoxoClient management for enterprisesModerate complexityHigh (discussions, chat)High (custom integrations)Custom Pricing
ZohoStreamlining business operationsRequires learning curveMedium (task comments)High (zoho ecosystem & third-party)Starts at $10/user/mo

For an in-depth understanding of how each client portal software aligns with your agency’s specific needs, Explore detailed insights on each software’s features and benefits in the sections below to find the best fit for your agency –

1. Agency Handy 

Best for Affordable All-in-One Solution

When we looked at the best client portal software out there, “Agency Handy” really caught our eye, and it’s easy to see why it made our top six list. It’s made just for agencies and packs a punch with its easy-to-use features. With this software, keeping up with clients, sharing important files, and updating everyone on how projects are doing becomes a breeze.

One of the coolest things about this software is how you can make it feel like it’s truly part of your agency. You can change the look to match your brand, making sure your clients get a familiar vibe every time they log in. Plus, it’s super secure, so you don’t have to worry about any important info getting into the wrong hands.

It’s also really user-friendly, not just for you but for your clients too. And if you ever need help, their support team is right there to answer your questions. No matter if you’re running a small creative team or a big marketing agency, Agency Handy has the tools you need to keep things smooth and professional with your clients.


  • Create Your Service List

Start by showing what your agency does best. With Agency Handy, you can make a cool list of your services so clients can see what you offer.


  • Add Clients to Your Agency

Adding new clients is easy. Just put them into your Agency Handy, and they’re all set. This helps you keep an eye on all your clients and what they need.

Add Clients to Your Agency

  • Create Quotations & Proposal

No more stress making quotes and proposals. A few clicks in Agency Handy and you’ve got something professional to show your clients that gets them excited.

Quotations & Proposal

  • Create Orders

When your client is ready, you can quickly make their proposal into an order. This software makes this part simple, so you can get back to the real work. 

Create Orders

  • Manage Tasks

Stay on top of your projects by assigning tasks and setting deadlines. This client portal software helps make sure everything is finished on time. 

Manage Tasks

  • Organize Workflow

Every agency has its way of doing things, and Agency Handy gets that. Organize your workflow exactly how you like it, ensuring that your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Organize Workflow

  • Communicate with Teams and Clients

Keep everyone in the loop without a flood of emails. This software lets you chat with your team and clients right from the platform, ensuring everyone’s on the same page and moving forward together. 

Communicate with Teams and Clients

  • Manage Issues with Tickets

When things get a little bumpy, Agency Handy’s ticket system somes to the rescue. Manage any issues that pop up, keep track of solutions, and make sure your clients are always happy with the service they’re getting. 

Manage Issues with Tickets

Best Use Cases

Agency management software, with its diverse functionality and flexible features, is ideally suited for a variety of creative and technical agencies. Here’s how it best serves different types of agencies –

  • Digital Marketing Agency

For agencies focused on digital marketing, such software facilitates the seamless management of online campaigns, analytics tracking, and client reporting. It aids in organizing SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing projects under one roof.

  • Content Agency

Content agencies benefit from features like editorial calendars, content workflow management, and collaboration tools for writers, editors, and clients. The software supports the planning, creation, distribution, and analysis of content across multiple platforms.

  • Design Agency

Design agencies can leverage project management features to track the progress of graphic, web, and UI/UX design projects. Tools for visual feedback and revisions help streamline the design approval process.

  • Video Editing Agency

For video editing agencies, the software offers robust file management systems to handle large video files, collaboration tools for editing teams, and timeline management features to keep track of production schedules.

  • Development Agency

Development agencies can utilize task tracking for coding projects, bug tracking integrations, and version control support. It also facilitates agile project management methodologies and sprint planning for software development teams.


  • Enhaned Efficiency
  • Improved Client Satisfaction
  • Scalability
  • Centralized Control


The subscription-based pricing model offers flexibility, with plans designed to fit agencies of all sizes. From smaller teams needing basic features to larger organizations requiring advanced functionality, “Agency Handy” provides options that can grow with your agency. 


Starter Plan:

  • Price: $69/month (Yearly $49), includes solopreneur, basic service listing, unlimited quotations and proposals, task management and email support. 

Professional Plan: 

  • Price: $149/month (Yearly $99), including everything in the starter plan, plus up to 10 client accounts, basic service listing, unlimited quotations, and proposals, task management, and email support.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Price: $199/month (Yearly $149), including everything in the professional plan, plus unlimited client accounts, custom branding options, full access to communication tools with teams and clients, ticket-based issue management, and priority support. 


What Users Say About Agency Handy? 

Review on G2: 4.8 out of 5

Review on G2: 4.8 out of 5

Review of Product Hunt: 5 out of 5

Review of Product Hunt: 5 out of 5

Why Should You Choose Agency Handy?

Pain PointHow Agency Handy Solve It
Disorganized Project ManagementCentralized project dashboard for better organization.
Poor Client CommunicationIntegrated tools for seamless client interactions.
Finance ManagementAll-in-one financial tracking for invoices and expenses.
Task ManagementSimplified task delegation and monitoring system.
Brand ConsistencyCustomizable templates to maintain brand identity.
Operational ScalingFlexible to accommodate agency growth smoothly.
Security ConcernsStrong security protocols to protect data. 

2. Basecamp

Best for Teams Seeking Simplicity

This client portal software is renowned for its straightforward and intuitive approach to project management and team collaboration. Designed to keep teams organized, Basecamp consolidates tasks, discussions, schedules, and files into a single, user-friendly platform. This makes it an excellent choice for teams seeking simplicity and clarity in their project management tools.


  • One page dashboard for projects, assignments, and schedule

One page dashboard for projects

  • Stay on topic with messages

Stay on topic with messages

  • Track work with To-dos

Track work with To-dos

  • Store, share, and discuss files

Store, share, and discuss files

  • Schedule so you don’t forget

Schedule so you don’t forget

  • Automatically check-in on the regular

 Automatically check-in on the regular

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Transparent pricing
  • Enhanced team collaboration


  • Lack of advanced features like Gantt charts
  • Minimal customization options


Basecamp’s flat rate is simple but may not cover all specialized agency needs. Platforms priced slightly higher offer comprehensive tools for project management, client communication, and financial oversight, providing value for agencies looking for advanced features.


What users say about Basecamp?

Review of G2: 4.1 out of 5

Review of G2: 4.1 out of 5

3. Proofhub

Best for Teams Needing Project Planning Tools

Proofhub emerges as a versatile project management and collaboration platform, tailored for businesses of any size. It simplifies project management by centralizing tasks, document sharing, communication, and planning into one intuitive interface. This design enhances team productivity by streamlining workflows and reducing miscommunication. Proofhub’s user-friendly approach minimizes the learning curve, making project management accessible for all team members and ensuring a smooth adoption process.


  • Multiple Task View

Multiple Task View

  • Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

  • Board View

Board View

  • Keep conversations organized

Keep conversations organized

  • Project templates

Project templates

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Project Tools
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration


  • Can be cost-prohibitive for smaller teams or startups.
  • Some users find the interface less intuitive than competitors. 


Proofhub offers a straightforward pricing model without per-user fees, providing unlimited users with access to all features under a flat monthly rate. This can be particularly appealing for larger teams or businesses looking to manage costs effectively.


What Users Say About Proofhub? 

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

Review on Product Hunt: 4.3 out of 5

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

4. Teamgantt

Best for Visual Project Planner

TeamGantt shines as a project management solution designed for clarity and collaboration, making it a favorite among teams that prioritize visual project mapping and teamwork. 

Its standout Gantt chart interface simplifies scheduling, fostering a comprehensive understanding of project timelines and dependencies at a glance. Key to TeamGantt’s appeal is its blend of collaborative features—enabling direct task discussions and streamlined file sharing—alongside tools that ensure optimal allocation of resources. 

This platform is particularly beneficial for teams seeking a balance between detailed project oversight and intuitive, user-friendly design, embodying a practical yet powerful approach to managing diverse projects.


  • Drag & drop simplicity

Drag & drop simplicity

  • See all your projects in one screen

See all your projects in one screen

  • See workloads & team availability

 See workloads & team availability

  • Easy collaboration & organization 

Easy collaboration & organization

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive Gantt chart interface
  • Collaboration focused
  • Flexible project planning


  • Primarily focuses on Gantt charts, which might not suit all project management styles.
  • Limited in terms of broader collaboration tools outside of project planning. 

What Users Say About Teamgantt?

Review on G2: 4.8 out of 5

 Review on G2: 4.8 out of 5

5. Moxo

Best for Client-Focused Businesses

Moxo sets itself apart as a leading client portal software by blending secure client engagement with efficient project management in a customizable environment. It shines with its secure, centralized platform for seamless interactions and document sharing, alongside customizable workspaces that align with brand identity, enhancing client relationships.

Its intuitive interface and robust integration capabilities simplify collaboration, boosting productivity and project success. Moxo’s commitment to security and adaptability makes it a top choice for businesses seeking a user-friendly solution to elevate their client interaction and project management, outperforming many competitors in flexibility and security, within a highly personalized setting.

Feature –

  • Unified Communication
  • Project Collaboration
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Customizable Workspaces

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced security
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Customization and integration 


  • Might be too specialized for client interaction, lacking broader project management features.
  • Potentially higher cost due to its enterprise focus.

What Users Say About Moxo?

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

 Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

6. Zoho

Best for Businesses Needing All-in-One Suite 

Zoho excels as a client portal software by offering a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications tailored for business efficiency and client engagement. Its standout feature is the seamless integration across its platforms, from CRM to project management and support, ensuring a cohesive user experience. Zoho’s customization capabilities allow businesses to tailor services to client needs, enhancing personalization and satisfaction. 

Additionally, its robust automation tools streamline client interactions and operations, saving time and resources. With competitive pricing and strong security measures, Zoho stands out as an affordable, secure choice for businesses seeking to enhance their client portal experience. Its ease of use and scalability make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes aiming to improve client relations and operational efficiency.

Features –

  • Task Management

Task Management

  • Task Automation
  • Time Tracking
  • Charts and Reporting

 Charts and Reporting

  • Team Collaboration 

Team Collaboration

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive integration
  • High customization and automation
  • Cost-effective 


  • The extensive suite of apps can be overwhelming. 
  • External integrations can sometimes be challenging.

Best Use Cases

  • Sales teams
  • Teams managing multiple projects 
  • Remote teams
  • Small businesses and finance departments

What Users Say About Zoho?

Review on G2: 4.4 out of 5

Review on G2: 4.4 out of 5

Review on Product Hunt: 4.4 out of 5

Review on G2: 4.4 out of 5

Key Features to Consider While Choosing Client Portal Software for Your Business 

With so many options available, how do you choose the right client portal software? Here are some key considerations –

1. Security First 

  • Compliance: Ensure the software adheres to relevant data security regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA.
  • Cloud-Based Security: Opt for cloud-based solutions offering robust security features and eliminating the need for internal IT support.
  • Multi-Layered Protection: Look for features like encryption, access controls, and audit history for complete peace of mind.

2. Streamlined Processes & Enhanced Client Experience

  • Digital Signatures: Reduce paperwork and enable secure, remote document signing.
  • Digital Forms & Master Templates: Simplify data collection and ensure consistency in branding and document structure.
  • Communication Hub: Features like chat, reminders, and due dates foster efficient client interaction and timely document submission.

3. Flexibility & Scalability

  • Cloud-Based Scalability: Ensure the software can grow with your business needs without requiring additional IT infrastructure.
  • Device Accessibility: Allow clients to easily access and interact with the portal from any device.
  • Speedy Deployment: Quick and efficient setup ensures you can onboard clients and leverage the benefits of the portal faster.

Why Agency Handy Is for Your Business?

After thorough research and testing, we’ve identified “Agency Handy” as the best software for managing your projects efficiently. It’s perfect for startups and small teams because it offers all the essential features at an affordable price. 

Plus, “Agency Handy” stands out with its excellent customer service, so you won’t be left struggling with issues. Best of all, “Agency Handy” comes with an unlimited free trial, setting it apart from competitors with limited trial periods.


  • How secure are client portals?

Client portals typically employ robust security measures such as encryption, authentication protocols, and access controls to safeguard sensitive information. It’s essential to choose a software provider that prioritizes data security and compliance with industry standards. 

  • Can client portals be customized to match our agency’s branding? Many client portal software solutions offer white-labeling options, allowing agencies to customize the portal interface with their branding elements such as logos, color schemes, and personalized messages. Check with your chosen provider for customization capabilities. 
  • Are client portals user-friendly for both agency staff and clients? 

The usability of client portals varies depending on the software provider and its interface design. Look for platforms that offer intuitive navigation, clear instructions, and user-friendly features to ensure a positive experience for both agency users and clients. 

  • How do client portals streamline agency-client communication? 

Client portals centralize communication channels by providing a dedicated platform for exchanging messages, sharing files, and collaborating on projects in real-time. This streamlines communication processes, reduces email clutter, and fosters transparency between agencies and clients. 

What kind of support and training options are available for using client portals? 

Most software providers offer various support channels such as online documentation, knowledge bases, email support, and in some cases, live chat or phone support. Additionally, many provide onboarding sessions, tutorials, and training resources to help users get acquainted with the portal features and functionalities. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right project management software is crucial for the success of your agency. Whether you opt for “Agency Handy,” “Basecamp,” “Proofhub,” or another top contender, make sure it aligns with your unique business requirements, enhances team collaboration, and simplifies project execution. With the right tools in hand, you can streamline operations, exceed client expectations, and propel your agency towards greater success. Explore the options, take advantage of free trials, and find the perfect fit for your agency’s needs.

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