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The only solution you need to manage your agency

List All The Services You Offer

Put your service name, details, pricing & quantity to create your unique service list.

Add and showcase your offerings with detailed information, tailoring it to represent your agency’s unique capabilities

Share publicly or Embed on your website

Create a service catalog and share it publicly for clients to put orders. Use iframe to embed the service catalog on your website as well.

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Create Customized Intake & Order forms

Create your perfect Intake form to take all the necessary data

Give your clients the exact form you want to get every data point to complete the order

Set up order forms to receive orders seamlessly

Order forms with simple structure but important fields will help you get the order without any hassle


Invite or Import All Your Clients Easily

Create client accounts with all required information to generate client profiles.

Generate a client profile with essential information, streamlining the onboarding process.

Clients will automatically get the email & confirm the invitation with one click.

Automate client invitations with instant email notifications, making it easier for seamless one-click confirmations

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Structure All Deliverables for Clients

Once you finish a client conversation, create an order to keep track of the workload.

Transform client conversations into organized orders, ensuring a clear overview of your agency’s workload

Put in all the details to track orders.

Setup start, end date, and all the order details with necessary files and client requirements to set up the order

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Keep Track of Everything To Deliver Quality Work

Break down the orders into small tasks to keep track of everything

Maintaining a clear vision of every project detail like time, progress, and status is easier with small tasks.

Delegate the tasks to your employee, assign deadlines & follow up daily.

Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress, keeping your team on track and your projects on schedule

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Track necessary tasks with Kanbans & more

Structure your workflow to get an idea of the status of each task.

Visualize your workflow, gaining insights into the status and progress of each task within your projects.

Overview of which stages each task is & how well the progress is going.

Stay informed about each task’s stage and progress, ensuring smooth and timely project execution


Bill your clients and keep track of your revenue

Invoice your clients after the end of your work

Send Invoices to your clients once you are done with all the deliverables and client approvals

Get paid upfront or in splits as well

Link your service to your website and get paid upfront or even attach multiple invoices to one order to be paid in splits

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Quote Custom Proposals for Specific Requirements

Create custom quotations for clients

Secure your deals by sending personalized quotations and proposals directly to your clients via this platform

Send the quotation to clients and lock the deal

Use the platform to send the quotation to your client, making it an easier and better way to manage it all.

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Keep track of issues and deliver top-quality work

Create tickets for all the issues raised by clients.

Log client issues through tickets, maintaining clarity and organization in resolving concerns.

Delegate tickets to team members to make sure issues get resolved instantly.

Assign tickets to team members promptly, ensuring swift and effective resolution of any arising issues.

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Organize files in a seamless way

No more messy files

With every order, there are hundreds of files shared. Organize all the files seamlessly in our files tab

Sharing files is even easier

Attach any required files for a specific order, task, or ticket so that you can follow up easily


Add Your branding & personalize your workspace

Call it your own

Put in your logo, and primary and secondary colors in your workspace so that it looks exactly how you want it to be

Custom Domain setup

Set your custom domain in Agency Handy to give your workspace even more of a familiar look

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Central Dashboard to Track Crucial Metrics

Bird’s eye view of the whole operation

Be in touch with the latest client feedback, tickets created, and revenue generated from one view.

Client feedback, recent orders, tickets, and revenue generated are all summarized

Stay on top of the recent orders and all the updates regarding them. Figure out the bottlenecks quickly so that you can solve the issues instantly.

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