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Manage Clients, Teams & Invoices in Your Digital Agency

Streamline the complexities of client and team management in your digital agency with effortless efficiency.

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The client portal software for agencies








Client Portal

Custom Branding


List All The Services You Offer

Put your service name, details, pricing & quantity to create your unique service list.

Add and showcase your offerings with detailed information, tailoring it to represent your agency’s unique capabilities

Share publicly or Embed on your website

Create a service catalog and share it publicly for clients to put orders. Use iframe to embed the service catalog on your website as well.

Create Customized Intake & Order forms

Create your perfect Intake form to take all the necessary data

Give your clients the exact form you want to get every data point to complete the order

Set up order forms to receive orders seamlessly

Order forms with simple structure but important fields will help you get the order without any hassle

Invite or Import All Your Clients Easily

Create client accounts with all required information to generate client profiles.

Generate a client profile with essential information, streamlining the onboarding process.

Clients will automatically get the email & confirm the invitation with one click.

Automate client invitations with instant email notifications, making it easier for seamless one-click confirmations

AgencyHandy has transformed our SEO agency operations. The client management software is a game-changer, revolutionizing how we handle projects and engage with clients. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration of functions have streamlined our workflow significantly.

Mothasim Billah

SEO & Growth Manager @LinkBuilderPros

Track necessary tasks with Kanbans & more

Structure your workflow to get an idea of the status of each task.

Visualize your workflow, gaining insights into the status and progress of each task within your projects.

Overview of which stages each task is & how well the progress is going.

Stay informed about each task’s stage and progress, ensuring smooth and timely project execution

Bill your clients and keep track of your revenue

Invoice your clients after the end of your work

Send Invoices to your clients once you are done with all the deliverables and client approvals

Get paid upfront or in splits as well

Link your service to your website and get paid upfront or even attach multiple invoices to one order to be paid in splits

AgencyHandy has become a game-changer for my Agency. We can manage our overall projects and clients all in one place! Also, I am always a fan of a simple UI. Our team plans to switch to AgencyHandy to make everything easy for clients and us.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Co-Founder @Web Rank Builder

Setup your workspace just the way you want

Call it your own

Put in your logo, and primary and secondary colors in your workspace so that it looks exactly how you want it to be

Custom Domain setup

Set your custom domain in Agency Handy to give your workspace even more of a familiar look

Built for service businesses from all types and shapes

Digital Marketing Agency

Content Agency

Design Agency

Video Creation Agency

Development Agency

Pricing plans & packages


Best fit for freelancers & solopreneurs


Perfect to manage small agencies & productized services


Most popular amongst larger agencies


Best fit for freelancers & solopreneurs


Perfect to manage small agencies & productized services


Most popular amongst larger agencies

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

You get a 14-day free trial where you get access to all the features for unlimited users & clients. After the 14-day free trial, you will get the option of choosing our standard package or contacting sales to further continue using it.

Yes, you can cancel anytime you like. There is no long-term commitment

Once you cancel the subscription will automatically stop renewing once the current payment cycle is done but you won’t get any refund.

No, you won’t need to put in your credit card details to access the free trial.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime between different packages. You will get the credits within the billing period.

Transforming Teamwork into Dreamwork

Time Tracker App helps hundreds of organizations to track their time, manage payroll, bill their clients, log work hours across projects, oversee online timesheets, and operate a productive team. With Apploye Time Tracker system, you have no worries about the employees’ missing time, unproductive time spending, inaccurate billing, haphazard project management, and inaccurate payroll management.

Success-driven organization owners use time-tracking solutions as the backbone of their profitable companies. Apploye, being one of the proven market leaders in the time tracker apps industry, excelled in numerous capacities to win over the hearts of the company owners who believe in smooth workflow, flawless timesheets, and automated employee monitoring.

We have put together a guide to help you understand the necessity of a time tracking tool, how it can help your growth & how to choose the best time tracker. 🎉

Why do I need to track time in my business?

Time is money ⏲️

Did you know that businesses lose an average of $11 billion annually due to time theft?

Manual time entry is prone to errors and can negatively impact your company’s reputation with paycheck errors. When it’s manual, it’s prone to error, and the US economy loses 50 million hours annually due to inaccurate time entry.

Apploye time tracking tool can minimize such manual errors and encourage proper time management across the company. Our platform offers a range of features, including payroll management, invoice generation, client handling, detailed reporting, and top-notch project management, to help your team achieve their goals and reach new heights.

Task time tracking for better resource allocation