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Unique Service listing

Onboard your clients seamlessly in Agency Handy. Let your clients create orders directly from your website and once the order is created, they can easily sign up for further updates. You can also create profiles for your clients and share links for frictionless onboarding in Agency Handy.

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Managing projects

Break your long-term content projects down into small tasks. Assign your writers & editors all the tasks to ensure every deadline is met. Get client feedback on each piece of content to make any adjustments required. Clients can approve the content or even create tickets to tackle all the issues. You can manage your team, tasks, and tickets in one platform as an owner.

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Get Paid

Once an order is completed, as an agency you can create invoices regarding that order. Attach your payment gateway link and let clients pay directly from that link as well. Split overall order payment into multiple invoices or give custom discounts to clients in your preferred currency. Once paid, Agency Handy will automatically update the status of the invoices.

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Custom Branding

Managing issues and tickets is a constant process when it comes to a content agency. In Agency Handy, your clients can directly create tickets to their order reference and assign them to their respective editors. Even your admin or PM can also create tickets as well. As a founder, you get a bird’s eye view of all the running issues and their statuses. 

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Centralized Dashboard

For every content agency, organizing files can be a nightmare. Once you have a lot of orders, it can get messy. In Agency Handy, you can attach files to respective orders and tasks. You will get designated folders for each order automatically created. Files shared across different orders get organized in respective folders

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