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The Client-Centric, All-in-One Solution for Agencies

Delight your clients with Agency Handy’s seamless onboarding, feedback-driven execution, and transparent collaboration. Unlike SPP, we centralize everything you need to deliver flawless results, on time, every time. Control every touchpoint from kickoff to delivery at an unbeatable value.

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Agency Handy VS. Service Provider Pro

Feature-by-Feature Comparison


Agency Handy

Service Provider Pro

Pricing (For 10 users per month)



Centralized Dashboard

Service Catalog

Service Listing with Details & Pricing

Order Form

Intake Form

Order Customization

Task Creation/Management

Client Account Management

Client and Team Communication

Client Approval Process/Feedback

Ticketing System

Integrated Billing & Invoicing

Reporting & Analytics

Custom Branding

Email Customization


Multiple Workspace

Subscription Management

Recurring Subscription & One-Time Payment

Payment Integrations

Third-Party Integration (Except Payment Gateways)

Affiliate Programme

Live Chat Support

Public Roadmap

“Powered by” Removal in All Packages

Built-in Multi-Language Support

What Our Clients Say!

Why You Should Choose Agency Handy Over Service Provider Pro

Go Beyond Client Portals. Manage Orders Seamlessly

Service Provider Pro offers basic client interaction, but Agency Handy empowers you with complete agency management.

Break down projects into tasks, assign deadlines, and track progress in real time – all within one unified platform. Collaborate with your team and clients directly within tasks, eliminating the need for separate project management software. Focus on delivering exceptional results, not managing multiple tools.

Showcase Your Brand. White Label for Everyone

Present a professional, branded client experience with Agency Handy's full white labeling on all plans.

No expensive upgrades needed! Customize your client portal and remove any branding limitations. Stop paying a premium for this essential feature like you would with SPP’s expensive $1,500/month “Plus” plan. Agency Handy allows you to own your brand identity from the start.

Manage Multiple Business Wings Under One Roof

Run multiple business wings within one platform!

Agency Handy breaks the industry norms and offers multi-workspace support eliminating the need for juggling logins and platforms. Unlike SPP, which requires extra licenses for each workspace, Agency Handy offers a cost-effective, unified solution.

Get Fast Support, Every Time

Frustrated with slow email support?

Agency Handy offers multiple channels for instant issue resolution:

  • Live Chat: Get help right away with our dedicated support team.
  • Active Community: Connect with peers and find solutions on our Facebook group.
  • Public Roadmap: Track upcoming features and submit your own requests.

Unlike SPP’s slow (with expensive upgrades for faster options!) email support (users report waiting years!), Agency Handy prioritizes your success with multiple support channels that keep you informed and in control.

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Client Portal

Custom Branding


Scalable Software Built for Agencies, By Agencies

Stop settling for mediocre software. Upgrade to Agency Handy and see your agency reach its full potential.

Modular Design

Every agency has unique workflows. Our modular design allows you to build the perfect platform for your specific needs, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.

100% White Label

Agency Handy lets you remove all traces of our branding, allowing you to showcase your agency and present a professional, branded experience that fortifies your image.

Support & Feedback

We prioritize ongoing real-world agency-driven development. Share your feedback with our channels and community. Get quick support from our expert team for a seamless experience.

Agency Handy

Pricing starts at


Service Provider Pro

Pricing starts at


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

With Agency Handy, you’ll never be forced to pay more for features you were initially promised. All existing customers are protected in their current plan and feature set, ensuring you have access to the capabilities you signed up for at the agreed-upon price. Any new features added to your plan are also free of cost.

Agency Handy allows you to fully customize order forms, client portals, emails, and more, without needing coding expertise. Easily create a unified branded experience across all client touchpoints, reflecting your agency’s unique identity. This level of branding flexibility is unmatched by SPP’s limitations.

Agency Handy’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to navigate and manage your agency’s operations without unnecessary complexity. Additionally, Agency Handy offers a range of billing models to suit your agency’s unique needs, avoiding the frustrations associated with SPP’s billing process.

Unlike SPP which restricts full white-labeling to only their highest $1,500/month “Plus” plan, Agency Handy offers complete white-label flexibility across all pricing tiers. This allows you to maintain your agency’s brand identity across all client touchpoints without the expensive upgrade requirements that SPP imposes.