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Agency Handy: The Feature-Rich Alternative to ManyRequests

Leave ManyRequest’s sluggish performance behind. Agency Handy’s fast, responsive platform boosts productivity by combining client onboarding, order oversight, task delegation, and billing into one seamless workspace, enabling you to deliver flawless results, on time, every time. Control every touchpoint from kickoff to delivery at an unbeatable value.

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Agency Handy VS. ManyRequests

Feature-by-Feature Comparison


Agency Handy


Service Catalog/Listing

Service Details and Pricing Options

Service Embedding on Website

Custom Quotations/Proposals

Trial for Services

Order/ Checkout Forms

Customizable Intake Forms

File Uploads in Intake Forms

Break Orders to Tasks

Task Tracking and Deadlines

Order/ Project Management

Order Tracking

Time Tracking

Client Approval Process/Feedback

Design Annotation

Ticketing System

Client Account Management

Detailed Client Profiles

Import Client Data

Client and Team Communication

Integrated Billing & Invoicing

Custom Invoices

Split Payments

Subscription Management With Automated Invoicing

Recurring Billing

One-Time Payments

Payment Integrations (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)

Reporting & Analytics

Coupon Management

Multiple Workspaces

Affiliate Program in All Plans

Third-Party Integrations (Non-Payment)

API Access

Custom Branding

Custom Domains/ Subdomains

Email Customization

Centralized File Management

Multi-Language Support

Public Roadmap

"Powered by" Removal in All Plans

Live Chat Support

Centralized Dashboard

What Our Clients Say!

Why You Should Choose Agency Handy Over ManyRequests

Simplify Client Acquisition. Showcase Services Directly on Your Website

Agency Handy empowers you with website embedding to convert leads and close deals faster which ManyRequests lacks.

Create a positive first impression with potential clients by showcasing your services directly on your website through Agency Handy’s website embedding feature. Effortlessly integrate your service catalog or individual services using iframes. This allows potential clients to discover, understand, and request your services without ever leaving your website, optimizing your sales funnel and maximizing lead conversion rates.

Go Beyond Requests, Deliver Results with One Powerful Platform

ManyRequests offers just a piece of the puzzle. Agency Handy provides a complete agency management solution.

Stop wasting time switching between tools. Break down orders into manageable tasks, assign deadlines, and track progress in real-time within a single, unified platform. Collaborate with your team and clients within tasks, eliminating the need for multiple software. Ensure client satisfaction with built-in approval workflows, minimizing revisions and maximizing client satisfaction.

Get Paid Faster with Effortless Invoicing

ManyRequests makes invoicing a hassle. Agency Handy simplifies billing with powerful automation.

Stop wasting time on manual invoicing and chasing payments. Agency Handy offers a comprehensive invoicing solution built for agencies. Effortlessly generate invoices with split payment options, automate recurring subscriptions, and accept payments online – all within a single platform. This simplifies your billing process, reduces errors, and ensures timely payments, minimizing client churn and maximizing your agency’s revenue.

Showcase Your Brand, Not Someone Else's. White Labeling at Every Level

ManyRequests makes you pay extra for white labeling features. Agency Handy includes it in all plans.

Break free from generic client portals. Agency Handy provides complete white labeling capabilities on all plans. Customize your client portal to match your unique brand identity – no limitations, no extra costs. Remove any traces of third-party branding, including white-label email options, giving your clients a seamless, professional experience that builds trust and strengthens your agency’s image.

Effortless Multi-Agency Management. One Login Does It All

ManyRequests limits your ability to manage growth. Agency Handy provides multi-workspace support for scalable agency management.

Stop juggling logins, switching between software, and paying for multiple licenses. Agency Handy’s multi-workspace support allows you to manage your entire business ecosystem, your way. Create dedicated workspaces for different departments, client bases, or even independent agencies under one central platform. Unlike ManyRequests, which requires extra licenses for each workspace, Agency Handy offers a cost-effective, unified solution.

Stay Out of Spam, Personalize Communication. All-in-One Email Management

ManyRequests lacks spam control and email personalization, limiting client engagement. Agency Handy provides a complete solution.

Agency Handy offers impactful communication with robust email customization. Its white-labeling capabilities and customizable email templates ensure a streamlined client journey that can be personalized with dynamic variables.  DKIM/SPF authentication keeps emails out of spam folders, ensuring higher engagement and improved communication.

The World is Your Client Base. Borderless Operations at Your Fingertips

ManyRequests restricts serving global clients, while Agency Handy supports multilingual and multi-currency for borderless operations.

Expand your reach and tap into global opportunities. Agency Handy removes language and currency barriers with multi-language support for both the platform and client portals. Additionally, handle transactions and service pricing in various currencies, demonstrating flexibility and catering to international client preferences. Think globally, act locally, and build lasting client relationships worldwide.

Get Fast, Multi-Channel Help When You Need It

Tired of waiting for email replies from ManyRequests? Agency Handy offers a comprehensive support system for immediate assistance.

Don’t let slow response times slow down your productivity. Agency Handy offers multiple channels for instant issue resolution:

  • Get immediate help through our “Live Chat” feature with our dedicated support team.
  • Connect with fellow agencies and find solutions within our active online community.
  • Stay informed with our public roadmap, track upcoming features, and submit your own requests.

Unlike ManyRequests, Agency Handy ensures you’re never left waiting for answers.

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Client Portal

Custom Branding


Scalable Software Built for Agencies, By Agencies

Stop settling for mediocre software. Upgrade to Agency Handy and see your agency reach its full potential.

Modular Design

Every agency has unique workflows. Our modular design allows you to build the perfect platform for your specific needs, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.

100% White Label

Agency Handy lets you remove all traces of our branding, allowing you to showcase your agency and present a professional, branded experience that fortifies your image.

Support & Feedback

We prioritize ongoing real-world agency-driven development. Share your feedback with our channels and community. Get quick support from our expert team for a seamless experience.

Agency Handy

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Pricing starts at


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

Agency Handy is better than ManyRequest for comprehensively managing agency operations across various industries. It offers robust features for task management, workflow optimization with Kanban boards, client approval processes, and flexible split payment options for invoices, enabling streamlined operations and exceptional client experiences.

Agency Handy’s pricing plans are more advantageous compared to ManyRequest’s due to their affordability and scalability. Agency Handy offers cost-effective plans for agencies of all sizes, from solopreneurs to enterprises, providing better value for money. Its entry-level Solopreneur plan at $49/month for up to 3 users is significantly more affordable than ManyRequest’s Starter plan at $79/month for just 2 users.

Agency Handy offers superior billing and invoicing capabilities compared to ManyRequest. It handles recurring billing cycles, automates payments, facilitates periodic invoice sending, allows split payments, and enables pre or post-order complementary payments seamlessly. Agency Handy also supports multiple payment integrations, including Stripe, Wise, and the upcoming PayPal integration, providing agencies with flexibility and convenience.

Agency Handy offers superior service management capabilities compared to ManyRequest. It excels with its intuitive service catalog, allowing agencies to list services with detailed descriptions, pricing options, and quantities. Agencies can filter, sort, and share catalog or single service URLs, as well as embed them on websites using iframes. Additionally, Agency Handy supports pricing services in multiple currencies, catering to global businesses.