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Agency Handy: The Best ManyRequests Alternative

Tired of ManyRequest’s dated interface, confusing navigation, and limited customization? Although its niche tools cater to some design agencies, ManyRequests falls short as a comprehensive solution. Discover Agency Handy – the intuitive, all-in-one platform powering agencies to streamline operations, elevate client experiences, and accelerate growth. See how Agency Handy compares ManyRequest and its competitors.

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Why Switch From ManyRequests to Agency Handy?

Agency Handy surpasses ManyRequest’s offerings with its comprehensive agency management solution. It features unbeatable affordability, extensive customization, and robust order management. Plus, Agency Handy actively incorporates feedback and updates to simplify evolving agency needs, ensuring you stay ahead of competitors.

Agency Handy VS. ManyRequests

Feature-by-Feature Comparison


Agency Handy


Service Catalog/Listing

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Frame 1000007777

Service Details and Pricing Options

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Frame 1000007777

Service Embedding on Website

Frame 1000007777

Custom Quotations/ Proposals

Frame 1000007777

Trial for Services

Frame 1000007777

Order/Checkout Forms

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Customizable Intake Forms

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

File Uploads in Intake Forms

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Break Orders to Tasks

Frame 1000007777

Task Tracking and Deadlines

Frame 1000007777

Order/Project Management

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Order Tracking

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Time Tracking

Frame 1000007777

Client Approval Process/ Feedback

Frame 1000007777

Design Annotation

Frame 1000007777

Ticketing System

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Client Account Management

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Detailed Client Profiles

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Import Client Data

Frame 1000007777

Client and Team Communication

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Integrated Billing & Invoicing

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Frame 1000007777

Custom Invoices

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Split Payments

Frame 1000007777

Subscription Management With Automated Invoicing

Frame 1000007777

Recurring Billing

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

One-Time Payments

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Payment Integrations (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Reporting & Analytics

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Coupon Management

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Integration & Scalability

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Multiple Workspaces

Frame 1000007777

Affiliate Program in All Plans

Frame 1000007777

Third-Party Integrations (Non-Payment)

Frame 1000007777

API Access

Frame 1000007777

Custom Branding

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Custom Domains/ Subdomains

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Email Customization

Frame 1000007777

Centralized File Management

Frame 1000007777

Multi-Language Support

Frame 1000007777

Public Roadmap

Frame 1000007777

"Powered by" Removal in All Plans

Frame 1000007777

Live Chat Support

Frame 1000007777

Centralized Dashboard

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Frame 1000007777

Free Trial

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What Our Clients Say!

Why You Should Choose Agency Handy Over ManyRequests

AgencyHandy Service Catalog

Simplify Client Acquisition. Showcase Services Directly on Your Website

Agency Handy empowers you with website embedding to convert leads and close deals faster which ManyRequests lacks.

Create a positive first impression with potential clients by showcasing your services directly on your website through Agency Handy’s website embedding feature. Effortlessly integrate your service catalog or individual services using iframes. This allows potential clients to discover, understand, and request your services without ever leaving your website, optimizing your sales funnel and maximizing lead conversion rates.

Go Beyond Requests, Deliver Results with One Powerful Platform

ManyRequests offers just a piece of the puzzle. Agency Handy provides a complete agency management solution.

Stop wasting time switching between tools. Break down orders into manageable tasks, assign deadlines, and track progress in real-time within a single, unified platform. Collaborate with your team and clients within tasks, eliminating the need for multiple software. Ensure client satisfaction with built-in approval workflows, minimizing revisions and maximizing client satisfaction.

AgencyHandy Order Details
AgencyHandy Invoice

Get Paid Faster with Effortless Invoicing

ManyRequests makes invoicing a hassle. Agency Handy simplifies billing with powerful automation.

Stop wasting time on manual invoicing and chasing payments. Agency Handy offers a comprehensive invoicing solution built for agencies. Effortlessly generate invoices with split payment options, automate recurring subscriptions, and accept payments online – all within a single platform. This simplifies your billing process, reduces errors, and ensures timely payments, minimizing client churn and maximizing your agency’s revenue.

Showcase Your Brand, Not Someone Else's. White Labeling at Every Level

ManyRequests makes you pay extra for white labeling features. Agency Handy includes it in all plans.

Break free from generic client portals. Agency Handy provides complete white labeling capabilities on all plans. Customize your client portal to match your unique brand identity – no limitations, no extra costs. Remove any traces of third-party branding, including white-label email options, giving your clients a seamless, professional experience that builds trust and strengthens your agency’s image.

AgencyHandy Client View
AgencyHandy Multiple Workspace

Effortless Multi-Agency Management. One Login Does It All

ManyRequests limits your ability to manage growth. Agency Handy provides multi-workspace support for scalable agency management.

Stop juggling logins, switching between software, and paying for multiple licenses. Agency Handy’s multi-workspace support allows you to manage your entire business ecosystem, your way. Create dedicated workspaces for different departments, client bases, or even independent agencies under one central platform. Unlike ManyRequests, which requires extra licenses for each workspace, Agency Handy offers a cost-effective, unified solution.

Stay Out of Spam, Personalize Communication. All-in-One Email Management

ManyRequests lacks spam control and email personalization, limiting client engagement. Agency Handy provides a complete solution.

Agency Handy offers impactful communication with robust email customization. Its white-labeling capabilities and customizable email templates ensure a streamlined client journey that can be personalized with dynamic variables.  DKIM/SPF authentication keeps emails out of spam folders, ensuring higher engagement and improved communication.

AgencyHandy Email Customization
AgencyHandy Multilingual and Multi currency

The World is Your Client Base. Borderless Operations at Your Fingertips

ManyRequests restricts serving global clients, while Agency Handy supports multilingual and multi-currency for borderless operations.

Expand your reach and tap into global opportunities. Agency Handy removes language and currency barriers with multi-language support for both the platform and client portals. Additionally, handle transactions and service pricing in various currencies, demonstrating flexibility and catering to international client preferences. Think globally, act locally, and build lasting client relationships worldwide.

Get Fast, Multi-Channel Help When You Need It

Tired of waiting for email replies from ManyRequests? Agency Handy offers a comprehensive support system for immediate assistance.

Don’t let slow response times slow down your productivity. Agency Handy offers multiple channels for instant issue resolution:

  • Get immediate help through our “Live Chat” feature with our dedicated support team.
  • Connect with fellow agencies and find solutions within our active online community.
  • Stay informed with our public roadmap, track upcoming features, and submit your own requests.

Unlike ManyRequests, Agency Handy ensures you’re never left waiting for answers.

AgencyHandy Multi Channel Support

Top 5 ManyRequests Alternatives for Agencies

Frustrated with ManyRequests’s limitations? Explore powerful alternatives built for modern agencies. Discover solutions like Agency Handy, offering robust features and intuitive interfaces for streamlined agency success.


Client Portal

Full fledged Order Mana-gement

White Labeling on All Plans

Multiple Work-space Support

Average Per User Cost (Annual Billing)

Many Requests

Frame 1000007777

$31.7 /Month

Agency Handy

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$10.4 /Month

Service Provider Pro

Frame 1000007777

$24.9 /Month


Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$10.6 /Month

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$29 /Month (Monthly Billing)


Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$24.5 /Month

Explore More Features of Agency Handy








Client Portal

Custom Branding


Scalable Software Built for Agencies, By Agencies

Stop settling for mediocre software. Upgrade to Agency Handy and see your agency reach its full potential.


Modular Design

Every agency has unique workflows. Our modular design allows you to build the perfect platform for your specific needs, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.


100% White Label

Agency Handy lets you remove all traces of our branding, allowing you to showcase your agency and present a professional, branded experience that fortifies your image.


Support & Feedback

We prioritize ongoing real-world agency-driven development. Share your feedback with our channels and community. Get quick support from our expert team for a seamless experience.


Agency Handy

Pricing starts at



Pricing starts at


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

Agency Handy is better than ManyRequest for comprehensively managing agency operations across various industries. It offers robust features for task management, workflow optimization with Kanban boards, client approval processes, and flexible split payment options for invoices, enabling streamlined operations and exceptional client experiences.

Agency Handy’s pricing plans are more advantageous compared to ManyRequest’s due to their affordability and scalability. Agency Handy offers cost-effective plans for agencies of all sizes, from solopreneurs to enterprises, providing better value for money. Its entry-level Solopreneur plan at $49/month for up to 3 users is significantly more affordable than ManyRequest’s Starter plan at $79/month for just 2 users.

Agency Handy offers superior billing and invoicing capabilities compared to ManyRequest. It handles recurring billing cycles, automates payments, facilitates periodic invoice sending, allows split payments, and enables pre or post-order complementary payments seamlessly. Agency Handy also supports multiple payment integrations, including Stripe, Wise, and the upcoming PayPal integration, providing agencies with flexibility and convenience.

Agency Handy offers superior service management capabilities compared to ManyRequest. It excels with its intuitive service catalog, allowing agencies to list services with detailed descriptions, pricing options, and quantities. Agencies can filter, sort, and share catalog or single service URLs, as well as embed them on websites using iframes. Additionally, Agency Handy supports pricing services in multiple currencies, catering to global businesses.

Other Top Alternatives to ManyRequests

This article provides a quick comparison of top ManyRequests alternatives to consider that stand out with intuitive and flexible interfaces, transparent policies, and stellar customer care. Read on to discover your options in our quick list of ManyRequests Alternatives.

Guide Topics​

Quick List of Top  Alternatives to ManyRequests

  1. Agency Handy: A versatile ManyRequests alternative designed for efficient agency management software and client collaboration.
  2. Accelo: Streamline your agency operations with Accelo, a comprehensive substitute that covers project management, client relations, and more.
  3. SuiteDash: Offering a unified platform for client management, project tracking, and secure communication.
  4. Aligned: Focuses on optimizing agency workflows and enhancing client relationships.
  5. Copilot: Improve agency productivity with Copilot, which specializes in project management and client communication.
  6. DocSend: DocSend offers document tracking and sharing capabilities, serving.
  7. GUIDEcx: GUIDEcx is a client-focused alternative that excels in guiding clients through onboarding and project processes.
  8. Planhat: A customer success platform, Planhat is suited for agencies looking to enhance client retention and satisfaction.
  9. Softr: Softr provides an alternative approach, enabling agencies to create custom web apps for client-specific needs.
  10. Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM offers a well-rounded alternative for client relationship management, sales automation, and analytics, tailored for agency requirements.

When scouting for alternatives to ManyRequests, comprehensive client management, and request handling software, it’s crucial to consider various tools that offer enhanced or similar capabilities.


Top Features

Best Suitable For

User Ratings

Agency Handy
  • White-labeled Client Gateway

  • Efficient Billing

  • Project Management

Small to Medium Digital Agencies

Accelo logo
  • Client Accounts Automation

  • Robust Reporting

  • Team Collaboration

Consulting Firms, Client-Focused Businesses

  • All-in-One Business Suite

  • Integrated CRM

  • Customize Client Portals

Medium-Sized Agencies, Professional Service Providers

  • Sales Enablement

  • Client Engagement

  • Analytics

Sales Teams, B2B Companies

  • Automated Billing

  • Streamlined Client Management

  • Communication Tools

Freelancers, Small Agencies

  • Secure Document Sharing

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • File Management

Legal and Financial Services, Sales Teams

  • Client Onboarding

  • Task Management

  • Project Transparency

Service-Based Companies, Client Onboarding Processes

  • Customer Success Platform

  • Revenue Management

  • Client Lifecycle Tracking

SaaS Companies, Customer Success Teams

  • Easy Website Building

  • Customizable Templates

  • No-Code Platform

Small Businesses, Online Entrepreneurs

Zoho CRM
  • Comprehensive CRM

  • Automation

  • Scalable Modules

Businesses of All Sizes, Sales and Marketing Teams

This chart aims to offer a clear perspective on each tool’s strengths, especially in areas critical for client management and service request handling, facilitating an informed decision-making process.


Jyi weRgzAsDoQMO8eDOUE8wMASrsXMjhminIMMcBkr8EBIl JPo3cJ3Ue5YDo6z qaoq4qghIqTkMxF JwbsrUmXEwNJ1wz1RHLjmq o6vsmn8Gxf7O nh B 3ruqHrXj1B2rsA6105VstvGqdaTSYEnhance Service Business Productivity With Automated Project, Sales, And Service Management.

Accelo emerges as a leading alternative to ManyRequests, offering enhanced capabilities for service businesses. It boasts a more intuitive user interface, simplifying complex project management tasks compared to ManyRequests. 

It excels in client relationship management with its integrated CRM system, providing a more holistic view of client interactions. The platform’s automation features surpass ManyRequests, particularly in streamlining repetitive tasks and workflows. 

Additionally, Accelo offers comprehensive project tracking and reporting tools, granting deeper insights into project progress and financials. Its scalability is also noteworthy, easily accommodating growing business needs. 

Overall, Accelo provides a more robust, user-friendly solution for service management, making it a preferable choice over ManyRequests for businesses seeking efficiency and growth.

Key Features

Accelo emerges as a strong ManyRequests alternative, excelling in client management and operational efficiency. Key features include:

Dynamic Client Database:

Maintains a comprehensive and easily accessible client information system.

Automated Client Communication:

Streamlines client interactions with automated updates and responses.

Seamless Project Integration:

Integrates client data directly into project management for a smoother workflow.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities:

qlJPEgMR3cyIOXVZPZH67wwQ 20k1tSoHDQV8VXlU gCo8yNXToBV2YZZCsFkqppETi2rdX0XgP57AidzJeztbjIAdYYqKh3tAQ iwdlRpAQfIKi7HxN4UI0fjdzHTrv7ajqe0SrQ uP5b9EWPoLlcoOffers detailed analytics for better client relationship and project management insights.

Accelo Pros:

  1. All-in-One: Reduces the need for multiple tools.
  2. Customization: Personalize it to your brand.
  3. Client Interaction: Enhance client relationships.
  4. Task Management: Efficiently organize tasks.
  5. Automation: Streamline processes.

Accelo Cons:

  1. Pricing: May be costly, especially for smaller businesses.
  2. Integration Limits: Some specific integrations may not be available.


  • Core: $20/Month
  • Professional: $50/Month
  • Business: $70/Month
  • Advanced: $90/Month
  • Elite: Custom 

What Users Say About Accelo?

G2 Review: 4.4/5

Positive Review

Accelo allows us to easily know the critical information about each project. Keeping a project on schedule and on budget is so much better now that we are using Accelo to do it. efficiency.  Michael S.

Critical Review

I am not a fan of the task area’s interface. I feel like it’s hard on the eyes and you cannot insert hyperlinks like in Asana. Shamara P.

Is Accelo Better than ManyRequests?

Accelo beats ManyRequests at client tracking, task automation, and scalability. Its CRM and robust features outperform ManyRequests’ simpler capabilities.

It tops Accelo if you want just straightforward request management. Accelo has wider service business functionality that may be overkill.


Streamline Agency Workflows With Client-Focused, Efficient Service Management Solutions.

SuiteDash is a superior alternative to ManyRequests for several reasons. First, it offers a comprehensive all-in-one platform, streamlining workflows more efficiently. 

Unlike ManyRequests, SuiteDash integrates CRM, project management, and invoicing in one place, reducing the need for multiple tools. Its customization options are extensive, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs. 

Additionally, SuiteDash provides advanced client Gateways, which enhance client communication and collaboration, a feature that ManyRequests lacks. 

The pricing model of SuiteDash is also more flexible, offering plans that can suit a wider range of business sizes and budgets. Overall, SuiteDash stands out for its integrated approach and superior customization options.

Key Features

SuiteDash excels as a ManyRequests alternative, especially in client management and customization. Key features include:

Integrated Client Portals: 

Offers personalized client Gateways for enhanced client interaction and data sharing.

Advanced CRM Functionality: 

k6GRwyxf7N4qGwLTm7eAjjfrufULU1bWnWW0VZSKa5uq6ec0tCz8WGmmzDXrl8Mt3ReRuFa4Nlk1BgFf0lz4sxKmgLszw9 OJDlL2RI F0c IkhMyMqtSQnC769SMVVDKm8P6EXfJk4kuvdIfMHXX3EStreamlines client data management, improving relationship tracking and communication.

All-in-One Business Suite: 

0W937Dqmwq0SRyMelZlzdvOV5GbtXGkxN8HmpioRZw5FvkynuhtegwuKCCGxUiPieFWG3BE0t3n75v ncPuhmGR367VriHmKAiIoSi24AWAcoNcSY5NepPg6Ir72dV7yXmW8 BFGHfVDph56mFDbS8kCombines invoicing, project management, and collaboration tools in one platform.

Customizable Workflow Automation: 

Allows for tailored automation of tasks and processes to suit various business needs.

SuiteDash Pros:

  1. All-in-One: Combines tools, and reduces subscriptions.
  2. Client Portal: Enhances transparency.
  3. Task Management: Efficiently organizes tasks.
  4. Customization: Tailor to your brand.
  5. Client Communication: Secure messaging.
  6. Invoicing: Streamlines finances.

SuiteDash Cons:

  1. Learning Curve: Requires time to learn.


bXbOSnlLsm6ZNdWWoUFp6uLWx3ggVdz0XguqFEL1 f4yatQ P7xSlCvPBrIiEElIkqqJxcjfdH3pafaJbHmUXlWBCLaeeMvyhD 3cCEt26QuOy84TXYRfPC PH5mSAoZ8k0Fu9ys3bOA8YUquFwh2Uc

  • Start: $19/Per User/Month
  • Thrive: $49/Per User/Month
  • Pinnacle: $99/Per User/Month

What Users Say About SuiteDash?

Product Hunt review: 5/5

Positive Review

SuiteDash is an amazing all-in-one tool with more on the roadmap. Jeremy Woods

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Critical Review

Despite the user-friendly interface, the plethora of features can be overwhelming initially. It takes time to fully understand how to maximize each functionality.

While there are areas for improvement, the overall utility of this software makes it a valuable asset for any business looking to centralize its operations. Regis R.

Is SuiteDash Better than ManyRequests Alternatives?

Choose SuiteDash over ManyRequests for its integrated CRM, project management, and billing. This consolidated approach is more efficient than ManyRequests’ standalone request system.

ManyRequests shines over SuiteDash if you want specialized request management without the added complexity of integrated finance, CRM, etc. SuiteDash is heavier-duty.


UYc2r5af1oXteSTbllx9nT RksNpfOozmB XcQNt9hRjyNRcZIwHZj7wIdw0ee1wHQdaYwWz7uoaczdESTNfGCTEULFqLRmNmRPCLiS3U3KDigital Sales Rooms For Effective Buyer And Customer Collaboration And Success.

Aligned emerges as an excellent alternative to ManyRequests, excelling in client request management and process automation. Our proficient software review team distinguished Aligned’s unique capabilities. It offers an enhanced user interface, which simplifies project tracking and client interactions more effectively than ManyRequests.

We recognized Aligned’s standout feature: its superior adaptability to various business needs. This customization surpasses ManyRequests, providing a more tailored experience. 

Furthermore, Aligned’s commitment to strong customer support and a seamless user experience positions it as a top choice. It’s ideal for businesses seeking a robust, flexible solution for efficient operations and client management.


Its key features are,

Enhanced Client Portal:

hiGG4dtAREAligned offers a more user-friendly client Gateway, enabling efficient communication and project tracking.

Customizable Client Interfaces:

Tailor the client Gateway to specific projects or business needs, enhancing user experience.

Advanced Workflow Automation:

Streamlines processes, reducing manual effort and improving overall operational efficiency.

Robust Reporting Tools:

Provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities for better project oversight and decision-making.

Pros of Aligned:

  • Enhances team collaboration.
  • Good integration with other tools.
  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • Offers customization options.
  • Streamlines workflow processes.

Cons of Aligned:

  • Might lack some advanced features.
  • May not suit very large enterprises.


Y2xYRVZASxcWe9 nCPINa4SIka3NcHnaj GAyPbgSPDwn5kPV G9vJSnfnygSb5ioDntc7Wl8KNwFx5flZLowL7nLorJyQp

  • Starter: Free plan
  • Basic: $29/Month
  • Pro: $49/Month
  • Enterprise: Custom

What Users Say About Aligned?

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Positive Review

Simplicity of use


Customer Support

Positive feedback/engagement from prospects that I have shared content with via Aligned. Aleksandar I.

Critical Review

Automatic metrics on who has ‘viewed’ a room, lowering the barrier to engage on the customer side but providing additional insights to the salesperson. Sean S.

Is Aligned Better than ManyRequests?

Aligned beat ManyRequests in team collaboration, user-friendly interface, and efficient workflow management, making it a strong choice for teams prioritizing these aspects. 

It integrates well with various tools, offering good customization. However, it might be costly for small businesses, and some users may find a learning curve. It might also lack certain advanced features and not be ideal for very large enterprises. 

Therefore, while Aligned is a solid option, its suitability over alternatives like ManyRequests hinges on the specific requirements, budget, and scale of the organization.


W16fNywjCvImjwOVcSvveV3qasnhot7kKbm8sRC bLwr3CjJIALdcByjrZv0SJPW7ZG9ENlPsR2EmQtjZNCOx dph4Uz0dnjRf6 TYc8sbE0jlFgpDWw9UREk6NzjFimC5jC9TuagLbUZyGoQd8oVwgBoost Productivity Across Services With Ai-Driven, Innovative Microsoft Copilot Solutions.

When it comes to finding a suitable alternative to ManyRequests, Copilot takes the lead. It excels in areas where ManyRequests falls short, making it the preferred choice for efficient task and project management features. 

With an intuitive interface, Copilot simplifies the organization and tracking of tasks, projects, and client interactions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

One of Copilot’s notable strengths is its exceptional customization options, allowing you to personalize the platform to match your brand identity. Moreover, it offers a robust client portal that fosters transparent communication and seamless collaboration, addressing a key limitation of ManyRequests.

Copilot is the superior ManyRequests alternative, delivering superior task management, customization, and client interaction capabilities for a more streamlined and client-friendly workflow.

Key Features

Copilot excels over ManyRequests with features enhancing client management and project efficiency:

Superior Client Communication Tools:

HsjcVlQIS2nZwfqd491YgVTZBTaEc39CrUGAnuvrgFlmbohLBy5HPDCjCW1iJeSG0SQOPliPrnJTDKgwrx6bvYDxxVHw5 w6Si50bJK4vF64SgFPG0L83QWeXUnp0GfeSTkRCRQtNGq1htSBvcg19usOffers advanced options for streamlined and effective client interactions.

Comprehensive Client Management System:

Includes a robust CRM for managing client information and history efficiently.

Automated Workflow Processes:

RwbV9oMRUHFsvT0ivte067EEhEgh PnKpU OgIK5eK4 jNEl ER8Q vgmLOo7ZxmffC79ZDz1hJPJ2kbVDyw68quYY0BjtGZ2b RRTP LmPrQ6PkrzDT qYxst UytbM1SpLjI4DH9j2U35f9a nB6UFacilitates task automation, significantly reducing manual efforts and increasing productivity.

Customizable User Interface:

Provides options to tailor the platform to specific business needs and preferences.

Copilot Pros:

  1. Efficient Task Management: Excellent for tasks and projects.
  2. Customization: Personalize to match your brand.
  3. Client Interaction: Robust client Gateway for collaboration.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Ensures a seamless experience.

Copilot Cons:

  1. Limited Scope: Focuses primarily on task management.


v5F0 XMw6zuMVKjqGZxXJGjTD G8m8XesgKpElw87AZO5oEFvMjZe8i MO3lH6 SMtw SkJrRIjJIFBJ4VQPR2KNPmbVBjrr XuzK1BtyygD7NOIHVYwBGJ9sus5unXe1Ft jhTaTFMQC9Oqq2CPkk

  • Starter: $29/Month
  • Professional: $69/Month
  • Advanced: $119/Month
  • Supersonic: $1500/Month

What Users Say About Copilot?

ProuctHunt Review: 5/5

Positive Review

I’ve used Copilot for over a year, and it’s been incredibly supportive in streamlining and scaling my business. It’s modern, straightforward, yet extremely feature-rich. Tyler Vacca

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Critical Review

I wish we had the functionality to send the client a text when you message them. Clay L.

Is Copilot Better than ManyRequests  Alternatives?

Copilot surpasses ManyRequests with smoother communication, task organization, and branding customization. Its specialized project oversight adds value. It’s an excellent choice for organizations that prioritize these aspects.

Select ManyRequests if you need only basic configurable request forms without heavy-duty tracking. Copilot’s features are more expansive.

To determine the better option, consider your specific requirements. If streamlined tasks and project management are top priorities, Copilot may be the better choice. For a broader range of functionality, explore ManyRequests alternatives.


L7W5O 1zFEHbOlf0zeiZB6wKUX22Secure Document Sharing With Real-Time Analytics For Informed, Strategic Engagements.

When searching for a ManyRequests alternative, DocSend emerges as the top choice. DocSend not only matches but surpasses ManyRequests in several key aspects. 

With DocSend, you gain access to a user-friendly platform that excels in document management and sharing. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for both you and your clients, enhancing collaboration.

One standout feature of DocSend is its detailed document analytics, providing valuable insights into document engagement. This level of transparency and analytics is unmatched by ManyRequests. Moreover, DocSend offers robust security features to protect sensitive information.

When compared to ManyRequests, DocSend stands out as the best alternative, offering superior document management, analytics, and security features for a more efficient and secure workflow.

Key Features

Key Features of DocSend as a ManyRequests Alternative:

Efficient Client Management: 

DocSend provides tools for organized client interactions and collaboration.

Detailed Document Analytics: 

cZRnLeVjtBk7b1l4kR3GpP450mHtaaG2b aRImM9Him45RPLMiSL3PZrTp6Yp3TRxJyWVCGePUH0BLQSVLSBseZPDHsQPDkRKy KNCsNO5VVAA61F6Gain insights into how clients engage with your documents for better decision-making.

Enhanced Document Security: 

Robust security features protect sensitive information.

User-Friendly Interface: 

vljjYiiT XH7mVgYSythnBT9nw7xffsgqc3nWL4oUw mgU6VoN9yn6OBBpf8xZX696NDOFys1p1Lrtl1ne0khv9pP8oEpbFCUuTR5 c0tgM 71jgXBsFlVWAn intuitive platform ensures a seamless experience for you and your clients.

DocSend Pros:

  1. Efficient Document Management: Excellent for organizing and sharing.
  2. Detailed Analytics: Valuable engagement insights.
  3. Enhanced Security: Robust data protection.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Seamless experience.


  1. Limited Task Management: May lack task features.
  2. Narrower Scope: Fewer features beyond document management.


TVhmg429ayDPwbLXqzb3K2q4QcCcTyP ISCyi ujeHJPfWAF3HoLqnUWGYLCIcsVRNu 5GEth1VdSk

  • Personal: $10/Month
  • Standard: $45/Month
  • Advanced: $150/Month
  • Enterprise: Custom

What Users Say About DocSend?

ProuctHunt Review: 4.4/5

Positive Review

A true resource for any startup founder. Thanks, DocSend for putting this together! Paul Andre

G2 Review: 4.6/5

Critical Review

The interface and usability leave something to be desired, the link control part (Generate links) is very confusing and I always recommend double-checking if it has the correct settings and the correct people. Raphael P.

Is DocSend Better than ManyRequests?

DocSend rules over ManyRequests in document sharing, security, and analytics. Its specialized strength suits transparent file collaboration needs better. It offers detailed document engagement insights and robust security features. 

DocSend may be the choice. For broader functionality, ManyRequests alternatives might be more suitable. 

Its alternatives are more comprehensive, catering to service-based businesses with features for client management, project tracking, and invoicing. To determine the better option, consider your priorities. If your primary focus is document management and analytics, 

Choose ManyRequests instead for general request tickets beyond files. DocSend solely focuses on document management.


FSHoFjjR1sXccMV3Cm9JiEbkwDSvkkBWx9xk7SBcSIcYweyrkxzo5BRshivm7EXaams2quqRtpN qferSlubNcmt20rOCwnJMWp6r0cqSLboXdv1CtLkAzd6R3ORkPA3MVJJjG7Bt6rtjCZlT WCwkUCustomer Onboarding Made Smooth, Transparent, And Efficient For Lasting Success.

GUIDEcx emerges as a great alternative to ManyRequests, excelling in project management and customer engagement. Our expertise in software reviewed GUIDEcx’s strengths in streamlined project tracking and enhanced communication features. 

It offers an intuitive dashboard that simplifies project oversight, a key advantage over ManyRequests. This allows for more efficient tracking of tasks and deadlines. Furthermore, GUIDEcx’s superior client interaction tools facilitate smoother communication, ensuring that clients remain well-informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Although ManyRequests provides solid functionality, GUIDEcx’s focus on user-friendly project management and effective client communication positions it as the go-to choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and accessible project management solution.


GUIDEcx offers distinct advantages as a ManyRequests alternative, particularly in agency management and client onboarding. Key features include:

Streamlined Project Onboarding:

irleP wBdUI484UMjwOnb1Bd45h1j0eopSEcBUoraEt8oz8qvhNDVCsitIQGKS3uL1srDAhiZOPnf Egq4MWVXSDNOdTcW3qvJodyuYmbwSW h NltNgG 6NUO4hQ09K9jF4GtVeQ6bY3K68i0rcXa4Simplifies the client onboarding process, ensuring a smooth start to every project.

Real-Time Project Tracking:

Provides agencies with up-to-date progress reports, enhancing project management efficiency.

Client Communication Tools:

NyPT5VThJgbmENLD1WKxe9GDxCCbh92DccK1EG94t0k6UFcANIqXrLEHAWqIf93Ar6r9LrRjvBlaEt5622GvgwI5 t6GrE6VZnZSkE 5u1tXTeXP YzYfd4TpjBYHORMcagTAFBKddeFacilitates clear and consistent communication with clients, improving relationship management.

Customizable Workflow Templates:

Offers templates that can be tailored to fit specific project needs, boosting productivity.

Pros of GUIDEcx:

  1. Easy to navigate.
  2. Enhances transparency in project management.
  3. Streamlines client onboarding processes.
  4. Offers customizable reporting features.
  5. Compatible with various other tools.

Cons of GUIDEcx:

  1. Less flexibility in certain features.
  2. May lack some advanced features.
  3. Notification systems can be overwhelming.


BpmcgkQA2cdGetzzA4RLIUh47 yVa7mbTqLzHhgEtdtRnEPTOPz fuYnnLotDDD7Nk4bn6vKnJHB qOr

  • Standard: $100/Month/License
  • Professional: Custom
  • Premium: Custom
  • Advanced: Custom

What Users Say About GUIDEcx?

Product Hunt review: 4.3/5

Positive Review

GuideCX is a standout platform for managing onboarding and implementation processes. Its white-label custom experience offers unparalleled visibility and accountability, revolutionizing the way product and service deliveries are handled. Rodrigo Cipriani da Rosa

G2 Review: 4.7/5

Critical Review

Our only pain point is that when you save a file as an attachment to a task, you still have to click “save” after the files have been uploaded. I’m not aware of any other software solution in 2023 that still requires you to “Save” once something has been uploaded. Sam W.

Is GUIDEcx Better than ManyRequests Alternatives?

Prefer GUIDEcx instead of ManyRequests if client onboarding and transparency in project tracking are top priorities. GUIDEcx simplifies new client setup while providing real-time progress visibility. Its customizable workflows and notifications also facilitate better project execution compared to ManyRequests.

However, ManyRequests offers more robust tools for managing client communication and gathering feedback. Its breadth of features beyond onboarding covers more aspects of relationship and account management lifecycles.


wSfSXZGIS9TVgs02LZstuVMTBzzGdIEv G7BFZMiToPUq7XolbctMcTFKDG84xNtT9o4IBPWgAEN8ixumaayQKpOP5N96jho0P46zOU38dCwVCustomer Success Platform Offering Data-Driven Insights For Post-Sale Business Growth.

Planhat excels as one of the best substitutes for ManyRequests. We’ve thoroughly evaluated Planhat and found it to be an outstanding alternative to ManyRequests. Planhat excels in offering a more comprehensive customer success management solution. 

Unlike ManyRequests, which focuses on client requests and ticketing systems, Planhat provides a broader range of features including customer health scoring, revenue tracking, and advanced analytics. This makes Planhat ideal for businesses aiming to deepen customer relationships and enhance retention strategies.

Our analysis also reveals that Planhat’s user interface is exceptionally intuitive, facilitating easier adoption and use. While ManyRequests is adept at handling client requests and workflow automation, Planhat’s robust customer success focus and detailed data insights offer a more rounded solution for businesses prioritizing customer lifecycle management.


Planhat top features are,

Advanced Client Portal:

AGzS3DYjdH H9biWkXUyLBF1NrVJq XCP6xzRNgjBzQf0VtcANRumOffers a comprehensive portal for client interactions, enhancing customer engagement and communication.

Customizable Client Views:

Provides tailored views in the client Gateway, allowing for personalized client experiences.

Customer Health Scoring:

DXplDovmpovoM5 4mNhw4LNdotseNVKG2gPyGvpp56ZVVs3nBC36hs7INH5Iu2Ijaa3iF1Y4CsXcZ7tIAuTClUBzETR9MxLgs4PzWBONursS2HfxLKGc3ZwmMmS2yfcJ17t0hKJHy5cfdi8qM5C DCIUtilizes sophisticated metrics to track and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Revenue Tracking and Analytics:

Delivers detailed insights into revenue streams, aiding in strategic decision-making and growth.


  • Comprehensive customer success tools
  • Data-driven insights
  • Integration options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support


  • Costly for small businesses
  • Limited customization
  • Better suited for larger enterprises


  • Startup: Custom
  • Professional: Custom
  • Enterprise: Custom

What Users Say About Planhat?

G2 Review: 4.6/5

Positive Review

Planhat has a great support and customer success team that can help guide you through any of your objectives throughout the system. Their integrations make it easy for you to consolidate databases and auto-record a lot of functions. When I’ve struggled to get something set up with Planhat their team is quick to respond and assist me in achieving my objectives. Tyler H.

Critical Review

We have existing systems for product and engineering work/tracking, so though Planhat offers solutions for tracking cross-customer feature requests, we aren’t using this functionality at this time. Alex W.

Is Planhat Better than ManyRequests Alternatives?

Planhat is emerging as a strong contender for ManyRequests replacement in the sector of client management and request handling tools, rivaling ManyRequests alternatives. 

It stands out for its comprehensive customer success platform, designed to streamline client interactions and project management. Planhat excels in offering a user-friendly interface, coupled with powerful analytics and reporting features, which are essential for in-depth customer insights and data-driven decision-making.

Overall, Planhat’s blend of functionality, ease of use, and integration capabilities make it a competitive option in the market.


3ysNRI81v1GKLOXraP4lT7et8SLxL63EwnmONVe8BCoBaNa 3v9ghSwHCkI7CHJEzAbDo8LEw4DXOWAUpdmKqFTP8mYshIeXePL7NtCcKtEALpNzNTBFh9SrShtUQ0VEtnTJKbn53Czrg0jw7roIHUYBuild Custom Apps Fast From Airtable Or Google Sheets, No Code.

Softr stands out as a top alternative to ManyRequests, particularly for its versatility and ease of use. Our in-depth analysis identified Softr’s strengths in creating custom applications and websites with no coding required. 

This is a significant advantage over ManyRequests, which is more focused on request management. Softr provides an array of pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality, making it incredibly user-friendly for non-technical users. 

Additionally, Softr’s integration capabilities with various databases and APIs offer more flexibility compared to ManyRequests. While ManyRequests is adept at handling client requests and workflows, Softr’s broader application scope and simplicity make it the preferred choice for businesses seeking a more adaptable and accessible tool for building web applications.


Softr excels as a ManyRequests alternative with key features geared towards efficient agency management:

Advanced Client Management: 

75HyvdVqX7dt3tJ 2k 4k9DrVhvSrzrJHMU9nnvQdsv 8 eolIsMBMz9gqNVbU7tfftausFu6Xl970ap IgAnhg0V5TilPERgjvWpzftivhC7iLik23a7z3fnfEhyCLrzqHEOP3taCXXfv0sHp kV3MStreamlines client interactions and project tracking.

Customizable Access Controls: 

Offers tailored permissions for team members and clients.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations: 

Q6KLqZ7cyV7v61XFXDH0SDOSrZqfWqQgKjjrRu4JRg2ZahGtWRFJLgDqAl4 3GAhJ894 0l7zMcukcE7SPqe3XmPPXKXbNHw U51Ilp8lujFOO8dn8U SQ3YffKFLbkpvGagnqy dzBZF2seu58HpIkEnhances functionality with popular tools and apps.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface:

Simplifies website and app creation, requiring minimal technical expertise.

Pros of Softr:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Many templates.
  3. Integrates well.
  4. No coding is needed.
  5. Mobile-friendly.

Cons of Softr:

  1. Less flexible.
  2. Limited customization.
  3. Not for large projects.

Pricing Plan

ipaOrOul0 ETMYkp NZw4U RU4RIHz0R26XW BTYra49W75XlODKW BeoypS1u9lK2VMLtx oQAuUaixcRGa2o2uxCd4Pp7OrVh xSQXOAkiTWmEZ2DRIhESU5R fT8FOE3cT1TkjYdabtVxMR

  • Free: $0 Cost
  • Basic: $49/Month
  • Professional: $139/Month
  • Business: $269/Month
  • Enterprise: Custom

What Users Say About Softr?

Product Hunt review: 4.8/5

Positive Review

Softr never fails to deliver impactful nocode experiences with their product. Love seeing this new chapter and can’t wait to see what others do with this. Riley Jones

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Critical Review

The least helpful part about Softr is there are some features that haven’t been implemented as of yet but the team is always adding great new features. Jordan C.

Is Softr Better than ManyRequests?

Softr surpasses ManyRequests in website building capability, flexibility, and ease of use. With drag-and-drop tools and numerous templates, Softr simplifies development for non-technical users. Its seamless third-party integrations also enhance functionality better than ManyRequests.

However, ManyRequests has more advanced features specifically for client and project management. Its focus on workflow automation and collaboration exceeds Softr’s capabilities tailored more for website creation.

Zoho CRM

uhLsymiplgN48NiUwbclPSI7IDohRoAsOwCPMur IZBqzm5MDn4Yelj9b0MR0tJ6TCmpI2XrZQKrNv7s43Eh23Gd2hTB iPMlsAwAZs27aQmOp3nkFJdynbGy BBZ7m0aYwFM6inoN4aCLQlEzmQVUAComprehensive CRM for Modern Enterprises With Customizable, Efficient Sales Solutions.

Zoho is one of the best substitutes for ManyRquests. In our expertise in software review, Zoho CRM comes out as superior, especially in customer relationship management. It excels with an array of features that are finely tuned for enhancing customer engagement and sales efficiency.

We observed that Zoho CRM’s comprehensive toolset offers deeper customization and integration capabilities compared to ManyRequests. 

This includes advanced sales automation, detailed analytics, and multi-channel communication support, which are pivotal for a dynamic business environment. 

Additionally, Zoho CRM’s user-friendly interface and robust third-party integration options provide a seamless experience, catering to diverse business needs. These features collectively position Zoho CRM as a more versatile and effective solution for businesses aiming to


Zoho CRM emerges as a robust ManyRequests alternative, offering diverse features for enhanced client management:

Integrated Client Portal:

aXBONwPRX1tpedr52AxVlcUjaAZj3uMrerfUqc3dNQAZ8hC4KAZIC3zlxHyIruOZexf BT89neXlaogVBWc6Provides a centralized platform for client interactions, streamlining communication and service delivery.

Personalized Client Experiences:

nNQ YNdUlKETpmsqReA5Cxmnmn5fO5WuYcgrwVAN TiJVNMVcvRBj8DtPQOJr2 D1B3s6FGQitnbl1feLZIOW26edt1mqK J7bVV0qdRUJLbyvn5xIyacQHNgViNeyhqfeAT nt11oU1w6FARfGe0cAEnables customization of the client Gateway to suit individual client needs and preferences.

Advanced Sales Automation:

Facilitates efficient sales processes with automation tools, improving lead management and conversions.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:

Offers in-depth insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and performance metrics.


  • Robust customer relationship management tools.
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Integration with other Zoho applications.
  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access.


  • Some users may require additional customization.
  • Competition from other CRM solutions.
  • Limited free version features.


MVkKb3M3FHC4o62YCDG t 3p8PWyVD v5ydVXLKoGZJAlt ilmuCp8tm761CPMeN39ZFSfsqmQnNToyLP LsVCQzbmTH3S7iusCHlgAvgfidWzIVjkRfedWedsdGOewj3QoA3kspTqjJtjy VngQmWY

  • Standard: $14/Month
  • Professional: $23/Month
  • Enterprise: $40/Month
  • Ultimate: $52/Month

What Users Say About Zoho CRM?

Product Hunt review: 4.4/5

Positive Review

The features are all amazing, and industry standard. Icing in the cake is pricing is a small fraction of what those huge organizations charge. Arun S R

G2 Review: 4.0/5

Critical Review

More training manuals would be helpful. Even though it is very user-friendly, a manual might teach you a lot more about the apps and what they can do. Linda B.

Is Zoho CRM Better than ManyRequests?

Zoho CRM stands out the ManyRequests in comprehensive customer relationship management, offering advanced sales automation, detailed analytics, and a customizable client portal. 

It’s ideal for businesses seeking a robust CRM system with extensive sales and marketing tools. ManyRequests, on the other hand, focuses more on client request management and workflow automation, catering to service-based businesses. 

If your priority is in-depth CRM functionalities and sales process automation, Zoho CRM is a strong choice. However, for streamlined client request handling and service delivery, ManyRequests or its alternatives might be more suitable.

Reasons To Consider ManyRequests Alternatives

Considering alternatives to ManyRequests can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Outdated User Interface: The platform’s UI is not as modern or user-friendly as other contemporary options, potentially hindering user experience.
  2. Ease of Use: ManyRequests lacks ease of use, making it less accessible, especially for users who are not tech-savvy.
  3. Unappealing Web App Design: The design of the web application is considered unappealing, which might affect user engagement and overall satisfaction.
  4. Limited Features: Compared to other service providers, ManyRequests offers a narrower range of features, limiting its functionality and adaptability for diverse needs.
  5. Poor Customer Service: The platform has been noted for subpar customer service, which can be a significant drawback in resolving issues efficiently.
  6. Shady Refund Policy: Users have concerns about the refund policy, which may not be as transparent or customer-friendly as expected.
  7. Lack of Onboarding Support: The absence of effective onboarding processes can make it challenging for new users to adapt to and fully utilize the platform.

Key Features To Consider While Choosing ManyRequests Alternative?

5PEwud9 VcUvXgC2Irj0lx07zcInVvgbzJ4Npy xZm4OfoqOx93scKLC3vDdZZnj48Q5xhw1wU2QYw1 UHY9BMpUa6RrC5gKkTKejzb3aObL

When selecting a ManyRequests alternative, it’s crucial to consider features that enhance efficiency and client management. Here are key features to look for:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Importance: A simple, intuitive interface is crucial. It makes the platform easy to navigate. This saves time and reduces frustration.

What to Look For: Look for a clean layout. Essential functions should be easy to find. The process of creating and managing requests should be straightforward. A good interface doesn’t require much training to use.

2. Customization and Flexibility

Importance: Every business has unique needs. A flexible system can adapt to these needs.

What to Look For: The alternative should offer customizable templates and workflows. It should let you tailor features to fit your business processes. This includes custom fields, statuses, and automated responses.

3. Robust Reporting and Analytics

Importance: Good reporting helps in making informed decisions. It tracks performance and identifies areas for improvement.

What to Look For: The platform should provide detailed reports. Look for the ability to track key metrics like request resolution time and customer satisfaction. The data should be easy to understand and accessible.

4. Reliable Customer Support

Importance: Strong support ensures issues are resolved quickly. This minimizes downtime.

What to Look For: Look for 24/7 support availability. Multiple support channels (like chat, email, phone) are a plus. Check if they offer resources like tutorials and FAQs. Good support is responsive and helpful.

These features, prominent in alternatives like Agency Handy, are essential for a comprehensive and efficient client and project management system.

So, What’s The Best ManyRequests Alternative?

Agency Handy is the best alternative to ManyRequests due to its comprehensive features, designed to manage projects effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for startups and small teams. 

The affordability of Agency Handy is a significant advantage, offering great value without compromising on quality. What sets Agency Handy apart is its exceptional customer service, ensuring that you don’t waste time fixing errors or waiting for support. 

If you’re looking for other options, Accelo and Suitedash are also well-equipped to replace ManyRequests, each with their own strengths in client and project management.

Try Agency Handy Today!

Final Words

When considering ManyRequests alternatives, it’s essential to match the tool with your specific needs and preferences. Agency Handy, Copilot, Suitedash, and Accelo all offer unique features and capabilities to streamline project management and collaboration. 

Whether you prioritize simplicity, customization, or comprehensive functionality, there’s an alternative that can help you work more efficiently. Ultimately, the choice depends on your team’s style and the complexity of your projects.