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Agency Handy: The Best Moxie Alternative

Feeling the squeeze in Moxie? Limited workspaces, outdated documentation, and a growing client base can leave you yearning for more. Agency Handy offers a powerful alternative built for scaling agencies. Explore Agency Handy and other Moxie alternatives for seamless collaboration and efficient project management.

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Why Switch From Moxie to Agency Handy?

Moxie struggles to keep pace with growing agencies. Agency Handy enables you to transform client acquisition, streamline onboarding, and manage complex projects with ease. Leverage dynamic service catalogs, custom forms, and robust order management to convert website visitors into paying clients, all within a single platform.

Agency Handy VS. Moxie

Feature-by-Feature Comparison


Agency Handy


Service Catalog

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Single Service Listing

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Website Embedding

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Order Forms

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Intake Forms

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Proposal/ Quotation

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Order/ Project Management

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Task Management

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Workflow Visualization

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Time Tracking

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Client Approvals

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Client Management

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Client Portal

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Client Profiles

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Team Collaboration

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Recurring Invoice

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Subscription Management With Automatic Task Distribution

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Expense Tracking

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Manual Billing

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Custom Branding

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Custom Domain

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Custom Email Address

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Frame 1000007777

Email Customization

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Multi-Language Support

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Public Roadmap

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File Management

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Multiple Currency Support

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Reporting & Analytics

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Scheduling & Calendars

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Virtual Phone

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Mobile Apps

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Free Trial

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What Our Clients Say!

Why You Should Choose Agency Handy Over Moxie

AgencyHandy Service Catalog

Transform Website Visitors into Paying Clients

Moxie might bring in a few leads, but Agency Handy empowers you to take complete control of your client onboarding process.

Showcase your expertise with dynamic service catalogs, seamlessly embed them into your website, and upsell your services with custom order forms. This powerful combination allows you to showcase your services, and close deals faster, maximizing your agency’s growth potential

Stand Out from the Crowd with Tailored Client Onboarding

Moxie's onboarding process is clunky and time-consuming. Agency Handy removes friction and accelerates deal closure.

Capture initial interest with custom order forms featuring multiple pricing options and self-checkout. Gather essential order details through customizable intake forms with file upload capabilities. For orders requiring further customization, utilize Agency Handy’s proposal/quotation feature. This personalized approach increases client buy-in, builds trust, and sets the stage for a successful long-term partnership.

AgencyHandy Single Service
AgencyHandy Email Customization

Maximize Email Engagement and Deliverability

Moxie lacks customization and reliable email delivery, unlike Agency Handy, which excels in personalization and deliverability.

Develop compelling email templates with personalized content that resonates with your branding. White-labeling features allow you to showcase your brand identity, building trust from the very first interaction. DKIM/SPF authentication ensures your emails land directly in inboxes, not spam folders. This targeted approach with guaranteed delivery maximizes engagement, drives conversions, and ultimately increases your agency’s revenue.

Expand Your Market Reach, Bypass Language Barriers

Moxie limits your reach to local clients. Agency Handy unlocks a global market with multilingual support.

Attract a wider range of clients and expand your market reach with Agency Handy’s multilingual support.  Both the platform and client portals are available in multiple languages, allowing you to showcase your services, communicate effectively, and deliver projects seamlessly, regardless of your client’s location.  This opens doors to new business opportunities and positions your agency as a global leader.

AgencyHandy Multi language
AgencyHandy Multiple Workspace

The Agency Platform Built to Grow With You

Unlike Moxie's one-size-fits-all approach, Agency Handy equips you with multi-workspace capabilities and scalable pricing plans to thrive.

Freedom to grow on your terms – that’s the Agency Handy advantage. Create dedicated workspaces tailored to different teams, client bases, or business divisions, ensuring seamless collaboration and data integrity. No more compromising security or juggling multiple logins. Couple this with Agency Handy’s flexible pricing options, including plans supporting up to 30 users and custom enterprise solutions, and you have a platform that adapts to your agency’s evolving needs.

Co-creating the Ultimate Agency Platform

While Moxie keeps you in the dark, Agency Handy's public roadmap invites you to co-create a platform tailored to your agency's needs.

Be in the loop of all upcoming updates with Agency Handy’s public roadmap. Request your features to the team and see the progress taking place. No more guessing games or blind updates – the roadmap regularly showcases requested features, completed ones, those in progress, and what’s coming next. Actively contribute to Agency Handy’s evolution, positioning your agency at the forefront of innovation. We value your feedback and use it to make our updates helpful.

AgencyHandy Roadmap

Top 5 Moxie Alternatives for Agencies

While Agency Handy stands out as a superior alternative to Moxie, see how it stacks up against other leading options. Let’s compare Agency Handy against other top Moxie alternatives before you make your choice. See the table below for a side-by-side breakdown.


Client Portal

Full fledged Order Mana-gement

White Labeling on All Plans

Multiple Work-space Support

Average Per User Cost (Annual Billing)


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$10.6 /Month

Agency Handy

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$10.4 /Month

Service Provider Pro

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$24.9 /Month


Frame 1000007777

$31.7 /Month

Frame 1000007777

$29 /Month (Monthly Billing)


Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$24.5 /Month

Explore More Features of Agency Handy








Client Portal

Custom Branding


Scalable Software Built for Agencies, By Agencies

Stop settling for mediocre software. Upgrade to Agency Handy and see your agency reach its full potential.


Modular Design

Every agency has unique workflows. Our modular design allows you to build the perfect platform for your specific needs, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.


100% White Label

Agency Handy lets you remove all traces of our branding, allowing you to showcase your agency and present a professional, branded experience that fortifies your image.


Support & Feedback

We prioritize ongoing real-world agency-driven development. Share your feedback with our channels and community. Get quick support from our expert team for a seamless experience.


Agency Handy

Pricing starts at



Pricing starts at


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

Yes! Agency Handy offers a smooth onboarding experience. Get started quickly with intuitive workflows and clear instructions. Plus, Agency Handy’s multi-workspace support (not available in Moxie) lets you organize your work by department, team, or client base, keeping everything tidy and accessible.

Yes. Agency Handy prioritizes user experience with clear, up-to-date documentation and helpful tutorials. Our intuitive client portal allows for easy document sharing and collaboration,  unlike Moxie’s current limitations.

Definitely! Moxie’s single workspace can be a major hurdle for complex projects. Agency Handy’s powerful multi-workspace feature allows you to create dedicated workspaces for different departments and teams, ensuring clear organization and efficient collaboration across your teams.

Other Top Alternatives to Moxie

Apart from the alternatives mentioned earlier, there are some other alternatives you might want to check out before you make your decision.

Let’s get into what makes these options stand out and how they can help your company thrive. But before diving into the details, have a look at the quick list of the alternatives.

Guide Topics​

Quick List Of 6 Alternative Client Management Tools

1. Agency Handy: Best for freelancers, solopreneurs, small agencies, and service businesses requiring an all-in-one platform

2. Dubsado: Best for service-based businesses and entrepreneurs

3. HoneyBook: Best for small businesses, freelancers, and service providers

4. Bonsai: Best for freelancers, solo contributors, & small businesses

5. Copilot: Best for businesses focusing on financial management 

6. Moxo: Best for small businesses & solo entrepreneurs 

While this quick list highlights the strengths of these Moxie alternatives, let’s have a look at the specific reasons why businesses might consider switching from Moxie.

Here is the quick comparison table of each software –


Client Portal 

Service Catalog & Website Embedding

White Labeling on All Plans

Multiple Workspace Support

Average Per User Cost (Annual Billing)






Agency Handy



































Now you have got to know the basic differentiation. Let’s dive into the main with detailed differentiation of each software to find out the right one.


AD 4nXftgxboInYw0CuXETfyz0RlLn7ufhwMPeM4UUT7FsFHEaCVP9vQlKdliTUu0 1XhbrYf86jGPQkLQYkSmrqQH I48 tRIvTYuC5PSwTLfXCyJAZPVKungL0npk aQQL7 lVOQT5eU6hjJDVH6RO1LruPhU?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMA

Dubsado is a client management solution tailored specially for service-based businesses and entrepreneurs. It emerges as a compelling Moxie alternative, particularly excelling in branding and customization. It allows businesses to deliver a cohesive, professional brand experience throughout the client journey. 

While Moxie falls short in areas like payment integration, scheduling, and intuitive workflow automation setup, Dubsado fills those gaps. It seamlessly integrates with Stripe for online payments, offers a built-in scheduling tool for client self-booking, and provides a user-friendly system for setting up complex automation.

What truly stands out is Dubsado’s attention to detail in design and functionality. During Testing, we found a modern interface and thoughtful user experience, coupled with scalable pricing plans including a free option. It demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and meeting diverse business needs.

Key Features

Here are the features that make this software a great alternative –

Customizable Forms & Templates:

AD 4nXdj5fI kY43Uz M3z9AxlqOrBUXWv hrdGrtM8UsAMDqBelEp4oZG9sqQyE4 NkBBY3Ow4XYDquuX6TnQhC2r U7PrULwYDuK KGkfaGuELm3v1SWarBQYf bQbA4ViSzvMp Nar 2usia6GrK ANI8Md4?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMAImpress clients with branded contracts, lead capture forms, questionnaires, and proposals tailored to your business identity.

Easy Invoicing & Reporting:

Send online invoices and automate reminders to ensure prompt payments from clients, streamlining your financial processes.

Personable Automation:

Automate routine tasks like workflows and appointment scheduling while maintaining a personalized touch to enhance client interactions.

Built-in Scheduler:

Allow clients to book calls, sessions, and appointments directly from your website, reducing administrative overhead and improving client engagement.

Integrated Payment Solution:

AD 4nXdNDi6HJay YUxkFQ iRGhCtJarTh7HjpS mKrp6phPffkqAnZw72RRxFzehutnwj1GhicfMX3 lNHjEdJyDI9VGc5m9F0QDiT mgHfk Bzs 54K1s7fxG15CyTCEjRkfMeV1wsWBnPnvZ miGho4iUn1Zm?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMASeamlessly process payments worldwide, simplifying transaction management.

Streamlined Workflows:

Automate lead conversion and customer onboarding processes to efficiently move prospects through your sales funnel.


  • Versatile platform for handling multiple business functions
  • Customizable to fit specific business needs
  • Streamlines tasks through automation, including contract management and communication


  • Requires time to get used to during setup
  • The interface could be clearer and more intuitive 

What Users Say About Dubsado?

Review on G2: 4.2 out of 5

“What do you like best about Dubsado?

Dubsado has a very responsive, helpful, and informative customer service team. They respond quickly within business hours and always within a reasonable time frame without outside business hours. They work with you to solve your problem with communication, screenshots, or whatever is necessary

What do you dislike about Dubsado?

If you’re looking for Dubsado to work for an email campaign, it’s not really what it’s set up for. Its workflows do not work well for a drip campaign with triggers that we would normally see or ‘if-then” type modeling.” – Michelle R.

Pricing Plans

Starter Plan – $20/month (monthly billing) or $200/year (Yearly billing) 

  • Designed for basic organized client management needs
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Invoicing & payment plans
  • Form & email templates

Premier Plan- $40/month or (monthly billing) or $400/year (Yearly billing)

  • Includes everything from the Starter Plan
  • Plus additional capabilities like:
    • Scheduling
    • Automated workflows
    • Public proposals
    • Multiple lead captures at once
    • Zapier integration


Dubsado also offers flexible add-ons like multiple brand management and team user accounts, allowing you to scale your subscription as your needs evolve.

  • Brands: Manage each of your businesses with separate brands for $10 per additional brand per month.
  • Users: Bring your team with customizable account access.
    • 4–10 users: $25/month
    • 11–20 users: $45/month
    • 21–30 users: $60/month
    • For 30+ users, contact for custom pricing

With a free trial, no time limits, and no credit card required upfront, you can easily explore which Dubsado plan fits your business best before committing. Simple, transparent pricing to streamline your operations. 

Is Dubsado Better than Moxie?

Dubsado outshines Moxie with extensive branding/customization options. It offers integrated payment processing via Stripe, Paypal & Square, catering to diverse client preferences. 

On the other hand, Moxie is specifically designed for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small agencies. It prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, with an intuitive interface and seamless client collaboration tools like shared workspaces, document signing, and integrated communication. 

Additionally, Moxie offers a full-featured mobile experience, aligning with the flexibility desired by freelancers, smaller teams or solopreneurs.


AD 4nXcVLt241pOGMSeO7CwPG5n7 O4uXkLz LcJrthvuFKGqMkvVSNLkbrUETId5dH202xxzEijztXxfwx2vMFfs4Ugij74JppAdlNXwnT5cxwA8kQKdT5c0 Sej9B4K

HoneyBook is a client portal software made for small businesses and freelancers. It provides tools to manage interactions with clients in one place. While Moxie focuses on custom automated workflows and collaboration, HoneyBook takes a more comprehensive approach to client management. 

Unlike Moxie, HoneyBook offers robust invoicing with digital payments, payment schedules, reminders, and saved item banks. HoneyBook also streamlines the process of creating professional proposals and contracts for a seamless booking experience.

Our team found HoneyBook very user-friendly and intuitive. Invoicing was straightforward with easy integration of payment gateways for secure payments. 

Moreover, the proposal and contract features allowed us to quickly create professional documents. Also, automating workflows, reminders, and notifications boosted our productivity significantly.

Key Features

The key features of HoneyBook include –


HoneyBook-ProposalsCraft professional proposals that include invoices, contracts, and payment options in one document, simplifying the client booking process.


Create professional invoices easily, with secure digital payments, scheduling, reminders, and an auto-saved item bank for efficient billing.


Customize meeting scheduling, share meeting links, and receive confirmations and reminders for appointments to manage time effectively.


Utilize ready-to-go contracts with online signatures, smart highlighting for signing, and instant notifications upon client signature for legal compliance.


AD 4nXf9rCuvDftJLBLWc2QYTIcGozvYfkgSfA71rAPnhruQAgrZ6sR4xfSNECG3QZBtTStreamline workflows by automating emails, tasks, and more with custom sequences, saving time and reducing manual effort.


Seamlessly connect with essential tools like Zoom, QuickBooks, Zapier, Gmail, and Google Calendar for efficient workflow management and collaboration.


  • Comprehensive invoicing with digital payments, reminders, etc.
  • Streamlined proposal and contract management
  • Automates workflows and sends notifications


  • Focused on service-based businesses
  • Limited project management capabilities

What Users Say About HoneyBook?

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

“What do you like best about HoneyBook?

I love the gallery of templates to inspire the look and feel of my materials. The system is also very “user-friendly” as I edit each of the templates to suit my needs. They have many tutorial videos that have been very helpful, as well. So many of the steps of communication with potential and new clients can be automated, which has been so helpful! As soon as someone fills out my contact form, they receive automatic communications, and I can monitor the activity daily to stay on top of all activity! I have also FINALLY set up concise and streamlined services, packages, invoices, and methods of payment! I hope to never have to be without HoneyBooks! I highly recommend it!

What do you dislike about HoneyBook?

I have only been using HoneyBooks for about one month. In that time, I have learned a LOT on my own, as I poke through getting things set up. However, I think it is best if one hires one of their coaches to get everything set up. I will be doing that SOON! I also think that my time with a hired coach will be best used as I already have a sense for how to navigate the system. Perhaps HoneyBooks could provide 1 free hour with a Coach to inspire new HoneyBook Users to continue working with a coach. I LOVE this product and look forward to getting my systems set up! (And then I am sure I will continue to grow and evolve what I have set up!)” – Cobble E.

Pricing Plans

AD 4nXemgJ7abKRWoT6fhve j9bGlpumM2gmdegUV5C 8e0gAs57S849x2F9s10tLi7QfJS3aHAvQkDdLdTMonvhr2MYJ JigClepIhyZtQheVf ynlMYr4Kaa56jza4C0T8t0X

Starter: $8/month (Yearly Billing)

  • Designed for basic client experience creation
  • Single user
  • Unlimited clients and projects
  • Includes, invoices, payments, proposals, contracts, calendar, templates, client portal, and basic reports

Essentials: $16/month (Yearly Billing)

  • Up to 2 team members
  • Includes all Starter features, plus scheduling, automation, QuickBooks Online integration, expense management, profit & loss reporting, and standard reports

Premium: $33/month (Yearly Billing)

  • Scaled for whole teams with priority support
  • Unlimited users
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Includes all Essentials features, plus unlimited team members, priority support, multiple companies/brands, onboarding specialists, and advanced reports (coming soon). 

Is HoneyBook Better than Moxie?

HoneyBook excels in client management, offering invoicing, digital payments, scheduling, reminders, and automated workflows. 

However, Moxie is better suited for advanced workflow customization and collaboration in complex settings. 

While HoneyBook is great for sophisticated interdepartmental collaboration, Moxie is preferred for solo service providers and freelancers.


Bonsai-HomepageFor those seeking a comprehensive alternative to Moxie, this all-in-one client management solution stands out. While Moxie emphasizes customizable workflows and collaboration, this alternative takes a holistic approach, covering additional key areas.

It offers integrated CRM capabilities to centralize client data, track communications, and segment for marketing – features lacking in Moxie. This solution also provides robust project management with time tracking, task management, and file sharing for seamless team/client collaboration.

Where it really shines is through its financial management toolset, including invoicing, payment processing, and bookkeeping to streamline billing and taxes. 

Additionally, it includes scheduling, client portals for sharing project information, and other client-facing features not as prominent in Moxie.

Key Features

Explore the key features of Bonsai below –

Customizable Templates:

AD 4nXdWEMP5WOU1VVMTgBA6i kYczBPgy5 AV CysIvsuiOXj3lyA58l3Rmvtem vP0gVNJVSAw4FUkF26RJMyRx4ymAFOfcnEgzQhUtOolersOCS76pK z9s2S7Ta5FVGQi6DreReEF3cPGvbB6jPqpv6HtQ?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMAUse ready-made templates for proposals and invoices, customized to reflect your brand and services.

Time Tracking Tools:

Track billable hours accurately for fair and transparent billing.

Task Management Features:

AD 4nXeoYQcwZbjc0vmu9Hkn0wYzjO8bXIB1zLRBxhJeg0Ek0hzZsN6ev9ZO17KaVATk0rxWb7LVJvVx11neTu ejgBNlc6l8QzDnZVx8fk3MDO7WvWX92 j1 1RKhwvVywMcdCLC7RUH1HrfFR42ivA0KXh74H ?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMAOrganize project tasks to stay on schedule and meet deadlines effectively.

Multiple Payment Options:

Accept various payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal, for seamless transactions.

Client Portals:

Provide clients with access to project details, documents, and payment status for enhanced collaboration.

Flexible Pricing Plans:

Choose from different subscription options tailored to your business needs and budget.


  • Integrated CRM for centralizing client data
  • Robust project management tools
  • Comprehensive financial management


  • Interface may be overwhelming for some
  • Limited customization options

What Users Say About Bonsai?

Review on G2: 4.4 out of 5

“What do you like best about Bonsai?

A lot of software advertises being an all-in-one resource for freelancers, but, as a freelance designer myself, it was always missing something – until I came across Bonsai. It’s minimal, affordable, and super user-friendly. It took me no time to completely set my business up for success compared to other platforms with its contracts, invoices, taxes, and even tasks taken care of. When I had a question, Bonsai’s support team was quick to respond and solve my problem. I use Bonsai every day and look forward to seeing my business grow with them!

What do you dislike about Bonsai?

I would really like for Bonsai to further develop the task section or develop some kind of integration with Asana. The task section is helpful, but not entirely as advanced as others that I can do without a task management platform.” – Abby A.

Pricing Plans

Starter: $21/month (Yearly Billing)

  • Ideal for freelancers and solo contributors
  • Unlimited clients & projects
  • Includes all templates, invoicing & payments, proposals & contracts, scheduling, time & expense tracking, client CRM, forms & questionnaires, and reports/tracking

Professional: $32/month (Yearly Billing)

  • Designed for small businesses and agencies
  • Includes everything in the Starter plan, plus client portal branding, workflow automation, branded client portal, unbillable tracking/costs, capacity integration, and Zapier integration

Business: $66/month (Yearly Billing)

  • The comprehensive plan for large teams and agencies
  • Includes everything in the Professional plan, plus resource scheduling & booking, utilization & capacity reporting, profitability & productivity reporting, subcontractor management, and premium customer support.

Add-Ons and Free Trial

Bonsai also offers flexible add-ons like Team Seats and Bonsai Tax to expand the functionality of your plan as needed.

  • Team Seat ($10/month per seat): Invite teammates for collaboration
  • Bonsai Tax ($10/month): Automated expense tracking and tax estimations

With annual billing, a 7-day free trial, and a 2-week money-back guarantee, Bonsai makes it easy to find the perfect pricing plan for your business needs. Start small and scale up seamlessly as you grow.

Is Bonsai Better than Moxie?

Bonsai is better fitted for small businesses or agencies that prefer a structured, task-oriented workflow management system, offering tailored pricing plans for different team sizes, including a dedicated “Business” plan.

However, Moxie is better for freelancers/solopreneurs valuing flexibility, customization, seamless client collaboration, and full mobile capabilities tailored to their needs.


AD 4nXeHx2RxiV1iqkare4JkKLa8

Copilot is a comprehensive all-in-one Moxie alternative, that goes beyond Moxie’s project management focus. With features like invoicing, subscription management, online forms, and a built-in help desk, Copilot streamlines operations under one seamless experience.

Unlike Moxie, Copilot enables a premium branded client experience through portal customization and prioritizes data security with SOC2/HIPAA compliance. Its standout automation capabilities save time by eliminating manual tasks like workflows, reminders, and payment notifications.

Our team found Copilot incredibly intuitive, from simple invoicing and online payments to creating professional proposals/contracts with reusable templates. The automation significantly boosted productivity.

Outperforming Moxie in ease of use, setup, admin, and support, Copilot represents the new industry standard for modern businesses.

Key Features 

The features that make Copilot a great alternative, include – 


AD 4nXeF4VPvveIaDrkmr0Wp0RyfVF9jnf7w WUkjOL4DjkYS6PtaLn7wH5QgA9QyqSb0iycmx7fIWy0aqRIs8IT e09qJAotu0AChj0Seamlessly communicate with clients through secure messaging, ensuring confidentiality and convenience.


Simplify invoicing and subscription management, empowering businesses to handle financial transactions with ease.


Organize and share documents securely, facilitating collaboration and efficient document handling.


Manage all contracts in a centralized repository, ensuring easy access and compliance. 


Streamline data collection by customizing forms for gathering client information. 


Improve customer service with a dedicated helpdesk, addressing clint inquiries promptly and effectively. 


  • Branded invoices and subscription plans
  • Flexible payment options and autopay setup
  • Seamless client portal experience


  • Limited collaboration and workflow tools
  • Steeper learning curve for new users 

What Users Say About Copilot?

Review on G2: 4.8 out of 5

“What do you like best about Copilot?

I used Copilot last year (April 2023) for a project and it wasn’t quite robust enough. The advances in the last year and especially in the last few weeks have made it an integral part of our tech stack. I have been able to get rid of four other apps I was using to communicate with clients and handle our workflow. The customer service and support are excellent (email, messaging, slack) and very responsive. Pricing won’t break the bank, especially for a small business like ours. I continue to expect that this platform will grow to meet the needs of my business. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require a ton of watching how-to videos. Implementation has been solid so far. This is a platform that we use daily. It integrates with most of the normal apps out there, and you have the ability to create your own apps for your clients.

What do you dislike about Copilot?

The downside is that it is still an evolving platform, but that’s a good thing as I have been able to speak into the product pipeline with my specific use case.” – John E.

Pricing Plans

Starter: $29/month per internal user (Yearly Billing)

  • Supports Up to 5 clients and 500GB of storage
  • Designed for running a modern service business
  • Includes customizable branding/color scheme, Messaging App, Billing App, Files App, Contracts App, Forms App, and Helpdesk App.

Professional: $69/month per internal user (Yearly Billing)

  • Supports Up to 500 clients and 500GB of storage
  • Ideal for businesses looking to scale up with more clients, custom domains, automation, and apps.
  • Custom domain and email domain, access to Copilot API and webhooks, automation via Zapier and Make, support for Partner Apps and Custom Apps.

Advanced: $119/month per internal user (Yearly Billing)

  • Supports Up to 5,000 clients and 5TB storage
  • Provides a fully white-labeled experience and priority support
  • Includes everything in Professional, removal of “Powered by Copilot” branding, Configure Client Access permissions, HIPAA compliance option, reduced payment processing fees, onboarding assistance, and priority support

Supersonic (Custom pricing) –

  • Supports Up to 10,000 clients and 10TB of storage
  • An enterprise-grade solution made for fast-growing businesses
  • Includes increased API limits, lowest payment processing fees, ability to distribute internal users across multiple portals, dedicated manager and training

Is Copilot Better than Moxie?

While Moxie focuses on customizable workflows and collaboration, Copilot stands out as a financial management specialist. It provides branded invoices/subscriptions, flexible payment options, and an enhanced client billing experience with invoice templates, automated notifications, and a client payment portal. 

However, while Copilot has an advantage in features, Moxie remains the better option for businesses with a tighter budget. Moxie’s starter plan is more affordable at $20/month compared to Copilot’s $39/month. Though Copilit’s integrated features come at a higher cost versus Moxie’s. 

However, if cost is a major factor and the extensive Copilot features aren’t required, Moxie could be a more suitable choice.  


Moxo-HomepageMoxo shines as one of the great Moxie alternatives. While Moxie provides customizable workflows and collaboration tools, Moxo takes a more comprehensive approach to streamlining operations and enhancing client experiences.

Moxo stands out with robust drag-and-drop workflow automation integrating forms, e-signatures, approvals, and tasks to streamline complex processes – beyond Moxie’s capabilities. 

Moreover, the interactive collaboration suite with messaging, video meetings, and annotated file sharing boosts productivity across teams and clients.

A key feature of this software is the flexibility to embed its tools directly into existing apps/portals using cross-platform SDKs for a consistent user experience.

Additionally, it shines with its branded client portal (mobile/web) for transparent communication, document management, and project visibility – strengthening relationships beyond what Moxie offers.

During testing, our team found the notification system impressive with magic links for quick actions and stringent security measures like SOC 2 compliance and encryption.

Key Features

Have a look at the key features of Moxo – 

Workflow Automation:

AD 4nXfVxNjicSncy12HyyYBMK5WJYw0njjqNsPeW8 9rj0nfHTAFdGgJCc FlZJLnW3xl6G92L d E5AZyide233fmHTn2l9DJVZ4CFkMs9r7ukB2W7IhCXQMLfT9Pn ZbfEbykWrLwEsOoE67XEK 7HZa06pk?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMACreate customized workflows with drag-and-drop elements like forms, e-signatures, approvals, and tasks to streamline business processes.

Interaction Suite:

Collaborate seamlessly within workspaces using messaging, video meetings, and file sharing with annotations, enhancing productivity and communication.


Embed Moxo’s suite of interaction capabilities into existing apps and portals using SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript, React Native, and Cordova.

Client Portal:

AD 4nXf1iIxMunoytTY QQSU3s WIn3ivR8oJLDf5Jz0ORmimDh4KpMtz1QSfyWKbsSom6llMXvi3jigsDj LN1ogtMgAv2LKeIT4VMg EfPY3ZFLBALj10ZgGskIAqYkPhq7JwG0LCep MNvjex73 HIOAi wUt?key=9GCvDF3pbcoa6dp4yPcQMAEstablish a branded mobile and web destination for businesses, providing clients with access to communications, document management, and project progress.


Receive email or text notifications with magic links for direct access to actions, ensuring timely responses and task completion.

Business Actions:

Drive outcomes with various actions such as approvals, file requests, forms, eSignatures, and tasks, facilitating efficient business operations.


Ensure data security with SOC 2 Type II compliance, and encryption at both transit and rest, trusted by leading banks for secure handling of sensitive information.

Admin Console:

Access a centralized hub for managing client projects, streamlining processes, user management, access controls, and real-time data monitoring.


Measure KPIs, track performance, and receive actionable insights to optimize processes and drive efficiency, supported by comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Seamlessly connect workflows with existing tools using out-of-the-box integrations and frameworks, enabling data sync, business actions, automation, and custom integrations.

Delivery Models:

Choose from standard, private-labeled, or embedded delivery models to suit business needs, providing flexibility in deployment options across mobile and web platforms.


  • Drag-and-drop workflow automation
  • Interactive collaboration suite
  • Stringent security and compliance


  • Lacks specialized financial tools
  • Cross-platform embedding may require tech skills

What Users Say About Moxo?

Review on G2: 4.5 out of 5

“What do you like best about Moxo?

The team at Moxo is probably the most helpful and supportive team that I have met while enabling software over my 15-year career in marketing. the team was ready to help with a question we had and ready to make adjustments to suggestions.

Our clients love the software as much as we do. We now have an individual space for each client and can send our emails directly to it for approval. Along with blogs, page corrections, and anything else, we need approval or have questions.

I would recommend this software to any digital agency

What do you dislike about Moxo?

Being able to send reminders before and past due dates, and also selecting how they are notified – email, push, or text messages would be great.” – Brock B.

Pricing Plans

The price is not explicitly mentioned on Moxo’s website. However, their pricing for Starter, Business, and Enterprise plans is primarily based on two variables: the selected plan and the number of active users on the platform. Add-ons such as the Private Labeled App, support options, or deployment options are charged separately.

Starter –

  • The easiest way to try Moxo for an external project or two
  • Includes interaction tools (messaging, video meetings, file sharing), approvals, eSignature, task management, workflow customization, productivity dashboard, content library, unlimited history, and universal search.

Business –

  • Ideal for scaling teams that require integrations, automation, and reporting capabilities
  • Includes management reporting, usage insights, automation, integrations, forms, audit trail, Docusign, client grouping, meeting scheduler, service requests, and live chat.
  • Option to add: Private labeled app, custom domain

Enterprise –

  • For organizations seeking enterprise controls and extensibility via APIs/SDKs
  • Includes everything in Business, plus an enterprise API, SDK, and custom actions
  • Option to add: Private cloud deployment, on-premises deployment

Is Moxo Better than Moxie?

Moxo excels with robust workflow automation integrating forms, e-signatures, approvals, tasks, and an interactive collaboration suite. It also provides a branded client portal for seamless communication and project visibility. 

However, Moxie caters better to freelancers and solopreneurs who value simplicity, customizable workflows, user-friendly interfaces, and consistent cross-device experiences without excessive features.

Reasons To Consider Moxie Alternative

While Moxie offers powerful features, it falls short in several areas. Here are the reasons to consider Moxie alternatives –

Better Client Acquisition: Moxie lacks tools to showcase services and attract new clients. Alternatives with service catalogs and website embedding can help agencies get more clients and grow their business.

Smooth Onboarding: A seamless, personalized onboarding experience sets the right tone with new clients. Alternatives offering customizable order forms, multiple pricing options, and self-checkout ensure a comprehensive, tailored onboarding.

Advanced Order Management: As projects get complex, agencies need more than Moxie’s basic order management. Alternatives offering start/end dates, order tracking, and task dependencies help manage intricate projects easily.

Automated Invoicing: Limited invoicing automation leads to manual overhead and inefficiencies. Alternatives with self-checkout and automated invoice creation streamline billing, reducing manual work and errors.

Multi-Workspace Support: Single workspace restricts agencies with diverse operation lines, different client bases, or multiple teams. Alternatives with multi-workspace functionality simplify managing different business wings and client bases.

Extensive Customization: Lack of customization like multi-language options, and limited email customization limits engaging global client bases effectively. Extensively customizable alternatives adapt offerings for diverse needs internationally.

Multiple Sales Pipelines: Moxie only allows one sales pipeline. Alternatives accommodate multiple pipelines for agencies with diverse offerings and sales processes.

Contract Customization: Moxie lacks customization options for contracts based on service types. Alternatives provide this versatility.

Better Integrations: Integration limitations hamper streamlining workflows with third-party tools. Alternatives with robust integration capabilities enhance productivity and collaboration with third-party tools.

What Features Should You Look For Moxie Alternatives?

When exploring alternatives to Moxie, you should prioritize the following key features –

Client Acquisition Tool:

Seek alternatives that provide service catalogs, website embedding capabilities, and tools to effectively showcase your services and attract new clients.

Comprehensive Onboarding:

Prioritize solutions offering customizable order forms, multiple pricing options, and self-checkout functionality to ensure a smooth and personalized onboarding experience for new clients.

Advanced Task & Project Management:

As projects become more complex, look for alternatives that support start/end dates, order tracking, task dependencies, and other advanced project management features beyond basic order management.

Automated Invoicing:

To streamline billing and reduce manual overhead, explore alternatives that offer self-checkout and automated invoice creation capabilities.

Multi-Workspace Support:

If your agency has diverse operation lines or multiple teams, consider alternatives that provide multi-workspace functionality to simplify managing different operation wings, client bases, and teams.

Extensive Customization:

For engaging global client bases effectively, seek out alternatives that offer extensive customization options, such as multi-language support and the ability to adapt offerings for diverse international needs.

Communication and Messaging:

Opt for alternatives that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration with clients and team members through features like in-app messaging, email integration, and task comments.

Document Management & Sharing:

Choose solutions that allow secure storage, organization, and sharing of project-related documents, contracts, and other files with clients and team members.

Time Tracking:

Prioritize alternatives with robust time-tracking capabilities, enabling accurate billing and resource allocation for various projects and tasks.

Reporting & Analytics:

Seek out alternatives that provide comprehensive reporting and analytics features, offering insights into project performance, team productivity, and client engagement.

White Labeling:

If branding is a priority, consider alternatives that allow white labeling of the platform, client-facing portals, and communication channels.

Multiple Sales Pipelines:

If your agency has diverse offerings and sales processes, look for alternatives that accommodate multiple sales pipelines, rather than being limited to a single pipeline. Multiple sales pipeline allows to set up and manage separate pipelines tailored to the unique requirements and stages involved in selling each core offering. 

Contract Customization:

Explore alternatives that provide versatility in customizing contracts based on different service types, a feature lacking in Moxie.

Robust Integrations:

To streamline workflows and enhance productivity, prioritize alternatives with robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless collaboration with third-party tools and services.

So, Which One Is The Best Moxie Alternative?

The whole analysis identifies Agency Handy as the top Moxie alternative for service-based businesses. This affordable all-in-one platform excels in streamlining operations with features like service catalog, order management, client communication tools, and integrated billing – all in a centralized platform. 

Supporting multiple workspaces, branding customization, and offering excellent service, Agency Handy packs robust capabilities into a user-friendly, scalable solution tailored for optimizing client management workflows.

Try Agency Handy to experience its powerful client management capabilities.

However, other solutions would better fit specific needs.

  • Dubsado excels in branding and customization.
  • HoneyBook shines for invoicing, payments, scheduling, and automating client-facing workflows.
  • Bonsai stands out for its robust financial management tools. 
  • Copilot is ideal for an all-in-one solution focused on client billing experiences.
  • Moxo is preferred for advanced workflow automation and an interactive collaboration suite.

While Agency Handy is the best overall Moxie alternative, evaluating each solution’s strengths against your business needs is important.

Wrapping Up

Businesses need efficient client management solutions. While Moxie offers some good features, the analysis highlights better alternatives that address its limitations. Agency Handy stands out as the best choice, providing a comprehensive platform that caters to the unique needs of service-based businesses. Agency Handy offers an intuitive interface, and scalability, and prioritizes seamless client relationships, making it an appealing and cost-effective client management solution.