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Agency Handy: The Best Service Provider Pro Alternative

Frustrated with the limitations and pricing games of Service Provider Pro (SPP)? From restricted white labeling to complex customization nightmares, SPP’s shortcomings are driving agencies to seek better alternatives. Meet Agency Handy – the client-centric solution reimagining agency operations. Explore how it compares to SPP and its competitors.

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Why Switch From Service Provider Pro to Agency Handy?

Agency Handy excels over Service Provider Pro, especially for larger teams, by offering affordable pricing along with better customization and branding options across plans. Additionally, it streamlines operations through robust order management and granular task tracking, while actively incorporating user feedback to roll out new features that simplify evolving needs.

Agency Handy VS. Service Provider Pro

Feature-by-Feature Comparison


Agency Handy

Service Provider Pro

Pricing (For 10 users per month)



Centralized Dashboard

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Frame 1000007777

Service Catalog

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Service Listing with Details & Pricing

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Order Form

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Intake Form

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Order Customization

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Task Creation/Management

Frame 1000007777

Client Account Management

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Client and Team Communication

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Client Approval Process/Feedback

Frame 1000007777

Ticketing System

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Integrated Billing & Invoicing

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Reporting & Analytics

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Custom Branding

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Email Customization

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777


Frame 1000007777

Multiple Workspace

Frame 1000007777

Subscription Management

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Recurring Subscription & One-Time Payment

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Payment Integrations

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Third-Party Integration (Except Payment Gateways)

Frame 1000007777

Affiliate Programme

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

Live Chat Support

Frame 1000007777

Public Roadmap

Frame 1000007777

“Powered by” Removal in All Packages

Frame 1000007777

Built-in Multi-Language Support

Frame 1000007777

Free Trial

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What Our Clients Say!

Why You Should Choose Agency Handy Over Service Provider Pro

AgencyHandy Order Details

Go Beyond Client Portals. Manage Orders Seamlessly

Service Provider Pro offers basic client interaction, but Agency Handy empowers you with complete agency management.

Break down projects into tasks, assign deadlines, and track progress in real time – all within one unified platform. Collaborate with your team and clients directly within tasks, eliminating the need for separate project management software. Focus on delivering exceptional results, not managing multiple tools.

Showcase Your Brand. White Label for Everyone

Present a professional, branded client experience with Agency Handy's full white labeling on all plans.

No expensive upgrades needed! Customize your client portal and remove any branding limitations. Stop paying a premium for this essential feature like you would with SPP’s expensive $1,500/month “Plus” plan. Agency Handy allows you to own your brand identity from the start.

AgencyHandy Client View
AgencyHandy Multiple Workspace

Manage Multiple Business Wings Under One Roof

Run multiple business wings within one platform!

Agency Handy breaks the industry norms and offers multi-workspace support eliminating the need for juggling logins and platforms. Unlike SPP, which requires extra licenses for each workspace, Agency Handy offers a cost-effective, unified solution.

Get Fast, Multi-Channel Support Every Time

Frustrated with slow email support?

Agency Handy offers multiple channels for instant issue resolution:

  • Live Chat: Get help right away with our dedicated support team.
  • Active Community: Connect with peers and find solutions on our Facebook group.
  • Public Roadmap: Track upcoming features and submit your own requests.

Unlike SPP’s slow (with expensive upgrades for faster options!) email support (users report waiting years!), Agency Handy prioritizes your success with multiple support channels that keep you informed and in control.

AgencyHandy Multi Channel Support

Top 5 Service Provider Pro Alternatives for Agencies

Frustrated with Service Provider Pro’s limitations? Explore powerful alternatives built for modern agencies. Discover solutions like Agency Handy, offering robust features and intuitive interfaces for streamlined agency success.


Client Portal

Full fledged Order Mana-gement

White Labeling on All Plans

Multiple Work-space Support

Average Per User Cost (Annual Billing)

Service Provider Pro

Frame 1000007777

$24.9 /Month

Agency Handy

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$10.4 /Month

Many Requests

Frame 1000007777

$31.7 /Month


Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$10.6 /Month

Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$29 /Month (Monthly Billing)


Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777
Frame 1000007777

$24.5 /Month

Explore More Features of Agency Handy








Client Portal

Custom Branding


Scalable Software Built for Agencies, By Agencies

Stop settling for mediocre software. Upgrade to Agency Handy and see your agency reach its full potential.


Modular Design

Every agency has unique workflows. Our modular design allows you to build the perfect platform for your specific needs, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.


100% White Label

Agency Handy lets you remove all traces of our branding, allowing you to showcase your agency and present a professional, branded experience that fortifies your image.


Support & Feedback

We prioritize ongoing real-world agency-driven development. Share your feedback with our channels and community. Get quick support from our expert team for a seamless experience.


Agency Handy

Pricing starts at


Service Provider Pro

Pricing starts at


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we don’t nickel and dime you for every little feature. Here are more answers:

With Agency Handy, you’ll never be forced to pay more for features you were initially promised. All existing customers are protected in their current plan and feature set, ensuring you have access to the capabilities you signed up for at the agreed-upon price. Any new features added to your plan are also free of cost.

Agency Handy allows you to fully customize order forms, client portals, emails, and more, without needing coding expertise. Easily create a unified branded experience across all client touchpoints, reflecting your agency’s unique identity. This level of branding flexibility is unmatched by Service Provider Pro’s limitations.

Agency Handy’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to navigate and manage your agency’s operations without unnecessary complexity. Additionally, Agency Handy offers a range of billing models to suit your agency’s unique needs, avoiding the frustrations associated with Service Provider Pro’s billing process.

Unlike Service Provider Pro which restricts full white-labeling to only their highest $1,500/month “Plus” plan, Agency Handy offers complete white-label flexibility across all pricing tiers. This allows you to maintain your agency’s brand identity across all client touchpoints without the expensive upgrade requirements that Service Provider Pro imposes.

Other Top Alternatives to Service Provider Pro

Dive in to discover exceptional customer service, powerful functionalities, and solutions to the challenges you might have encountered with SPP. Ready to explore your options? Let’s jump into the quick list of Service Provider Pro replacements below.”

Guide Topics​

Quick List Of Top  Alternatives To Service Provider Pro

  1. Agency Handy: Perfect for growing agencies, it offers client management software and invoicing solutions.
  2. Client Portal: Simplifies agency operations with customizable features, reducing coding needs.
  3. Copilot: An all-in-one solution, that handles User management, billing, and project management.
  4. SuiteDash: A feature-rich platform for agencies, offering powerful automation and customization.
  5. ManyRequests: Focuses on enhancing client services and order management.
  6. ServiceTitan: Tailored for service businesses, it streamlines client, appointment, and invoicing management.
  7. Housecall Pro: Known for its user-friendly approach to service management, ideal for businesses seeking simplicity.

As we explore alternatives to (, a comprehensive client management and billing software, it’s important to consider various options that cater to different aspects of agency management.


Top Features

Best Suitable For

User Ratings

Agency Handy
  • White-labeled Client Gateway

  • Project Management

  • Billing & Invoicing

Digital Marketing Agencies, Small to Medium Agencies

Client Portal
  • Vendor/Client Management

  • Comprehensive Project Management

  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • Customizable Workspaces

Startups, Small Businesses, Remote Teams

  • User Management

  • Automated Invoicing

  • Streamlined Communication

Freelancers, Small Agencies

  • All-in-One Client

  • PortalCustomization

  • OptionsIntegrated CRM

Mid-size Agencies, Professional Service Providers

  • Request Management

  • Customizable Client Gateways

  • Workflow Automation

Service-based Businesses, Growing Agencies

  • Field Service Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Advanced Analytics

Home Service Businesses, Large Service Providers

Housecall Pro
  • Job Scheduling

  • Online Booking

  • Payment Processing

Field Service Businesses, Contractors

This chart aims to guide you in assessing each tool against the all-in-one capability of, focusing on areas crucial for agency management, including client portals, project handling, and billing features.

Client Portal

cGowdo9RIzwIoSmHHTUMY SO6oFW8 hwBLQVoY7n5ox Tb8rH26nM49JfMjF nC2IlOexChlF5iR5Zejmk7xm4ANpYQMLYK9pNgmmvGqCpn4veNbQ2YEF SueRC3WThqI q8L17iGKRdxccFIK1 4XAIdeal For Businesses And Freelancers Who Need A Streamlined, Professional Client Portal Integrated With WordPress.

Client Portal stands as a superior alternative to SPP, showcasing a more intuitive user interface, email marketing,  and enhanced customization options. 

With our expertise team, we have thoroughly analyzed both platforms. Client Gateway excels in user experience, offering streamlined navigation and a more responsive design. 

This makes it easier for clients to manage their projects and interact with service providers. Additionally, Its customization capabilities are more advanced than SPP, allowing for a personalized touch that caters to specific business needs. 

While Service Provider Pro is a robust tool, Client Portal’s superior interface and customization make it the preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient client management solutions

Key Features

User Management:

It offers robust tools for managing client interactions, ensuring seamless communication and engagement.

Task and Project Management:

It probably offers robust task and project management tools. These would typically include task creation, assignment, tracking, and deadline management, ensuring projects stay on track.

Customizable Dashboards:

LCMpaTq6sihvwM1aiu4wM SYyOnWiDvo0cdFh32noLwe6UhPlESwe9J4zVWeNnXN7nrcBqxZ9ArGSxj2D3ruEXJifsfl WBPq0 femkLjZ j2AlqLQuCBF7cmChyRlY9sTRGDBN9jcfdA3UfDW6avkIProvides personalized dashboards, enabling users to monitor project progress and team performance effectively.

Time Tracking and Reporting:

Time tracking is essential for managing resources and billing. It might offer integrated time-tracking tools, along with comprehensive reporting capabilities for better project oversight. 


  • Comprehensive project management capabilities
  • Enhanced collaboration tools
  • Integrated time tracking and reporting
  • Customizable user interface
  • Potential for robust integrations


  • Possible learning curve for new users
  • Specific features and limitations may vary

Pricing Plan

AywxYyg4d4JC8mFDTpYZRAnl54cNlPr7ARSvtcOrZnQX2e4QJiB1 CKe9SpYAFC9tVSpLZpraLgb 7yD7cez495SFgPjAH2s7YyJm17sKftPTp plQGQBnzf

  • Single Site License: $199/Month
  • Multi-Site License: $399/Month

What Do Users Say About Client Portal?

Product Hunt review: 5/5

Love the product, was lucky enough to pick it up off of AppSumo. Never looking back. Kristen Haley

Is Client Portal Better than Service Provider Pro?

It is better than SPP if you prioritize advanced features and a streamlined interface. It simplifies task management and team collaboration with its intuitive design. It also enables extensive customization to match specific business needs, unlike SPP’s coding-heavy approach.

Service Provider Pro may be preferable over Client Portal if you want specialized tools for service businesses. It is more general-purpose, while SPP focuses narrowly on client invoicing and management for service providers.


zN2oLaGMQvIUuTydQnrZ2pci6IG33VzQDx7ThTp11G8666AqybuAteiFlHyK6Sppqi ZLrnGRij5ZMihIsOuHLvuqCvXSk H SFitDmN5UG1rHh P6VHO8p5z94DLse2svp3LDCcGeD nvJaZjc4D4YBest For Developers And Enterprises Seeking Ai-Powered Coding Assistance To Enhance Productivity And Innovation.

Copilot emerges as a top alternative to Service Provider Pro, offering distinct advantages in project management and customer service. Its intuitive interface simplifies navigation, making task handling more efficient than SPP. 

Its User management tools are particularly noteworthy, allowing for more effective communication and relationship building. In terms of billing, it offers a streamlined, user-friendly process, reducing administrative overhead. 

Copilot’s reporting features provide deeper, actionable insights, helping businesses make informed decisions. 

The platform is also known for its superior customer support, offering quick and personalized assistance. With competitive pricing, Copilot stands as a more cost-effective, feature-rich solution, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking an efficient, client-focused project management tool.

Key Features

Copilot emerges as a strong alternative to SPP with its client-focused features. Key features include:

Sophisticated Client Management Software:


Enhanced tools for tracking and managing client interactions and relationships.

Automated Billing System:

Streamlines the invoicing process, reducing errors and saving time.

Customizable Service Packages:

Offers tailored services to meet diverse client needs.

Integrated Project Tracking:

Enables efficient monitoring of project progress and resource allocation.


  1. Copilot speeds up development with real-time suggestions.
  2. It minimizes coding errors and bugs.
  3. Developers save time with code generation.
  4. It helps developers learn new languages.
  5. Promotes code consistency.


  1. It’s not free and adds to expenses.
  2. Generated code may not be optimal.


wJ1hrprQS1DK WhVrGAUe3CeJ9lc54PGhOVxrjojE3OjTowJpU1a Pw6OhjFAFn4mLmVuRF0xVHG0alJwVIlwT4mombV0iFZ6YaJG1fTPzH9LzeUja75DQe 910 QZ3OZq4d2ORUPTLuPGTrAHmh260

  • Starter: $29/Month
  • Professional: $69/Month
  • Advanced: $119/Month
  • Supersonic: $1500/Month

What Users Say About Copilot?

Product Hunt review: 5/5

Positive Review

I’ve used Copilot for over a year, and it’s been incredibly supportive in streamlining and scaling my business. It’s modern, straightforward, yet extremely feature-rich. Tyler Vacca

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Critical Review

I wish we had the functionality to send the client a text when you message them. Clay L.

Is Copilot Better than Service Provider Pro?

Choose Copilot over SPP for superior User management capabilities and automated billing. Copilot enhances client interactions with sophisticated tracking tools. Its invoicing system also minimizes overhead by streamlining invoicing.

Service Provider Pro surpasses Copilot if you specifically need field service management features. Copilot is broader as project management software, while SPP targets key needs of service field businesses.


GrvzKQd uN1GjilHd2bKg2i3b74K2rip2eiNESCMdi6 EfMn o QRVe16m KsrVKWZar F2ICGzbNNHwuTO9fW54yb4ss rSVg JiQjOmN2DnuB0vAv J3AzoTpFp3njlUgvi8P8 kTYQsX2qD2VcPerfect For Businesses Needing A Comprehensive Platform For Client Management, Project Tracking, And Automation.

SuiteDash stands out as a superior alternative to SPP, especially for businesses seeking an all-in-one software solution. While Service Provider Pro focuses on service business management, SuiteDash takes it further by integrating CRM, project management, and invoicing into one platform. 

This integration offers a more comprehensive approach to managing client interactions, projects, and financials. SuiteDash’s customization options exceed those of SPP, allowing for a more tailored user experience. 

Additionally, SuiteDash offers robust automation features, streamlining workflows more effectively. While SPP is adept for service-oriented tasks, SuiteDash is ideal for businesses needing a versatile tool that consolidates multiple functions into a single, cohesive system.

Key Features

SuiteDash excels over SPP with comprehensive features for streamlined business management:

Vendor Management:

Offers robust tools for managing client relationships and interactions effectively.

Integrated Billing System:

Provides seamless invoicing and payment processing, enhancing financial management.

Customizable Project Management:

fCz1j8Ueahsahbm7gm8M2tRhEnables tailored project tracking and collaboration for diverse business needs.

Automated Workflow Capabilities:

Facilitates automation of routine tasks, improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.


  • SuiteDash combines tools, reducing costs.
  • Provides branded communication.
  • Efficient task organization.
  • Personalize to match your brand.
  • Create invoices and accept payments.


  • Takes time to learn.
  • Potentially costly for small businesses.


roOvdY7MeywepFxEFCJAtWDkZeAUTJ4TO JO5od7btd0ryls3ZUYwnTr1WeeawTYSTFzWbD FupXVWIdi6jGFGgwnOwGq4hxyE x34Cku85wK4bETtLXAPLpqOZTta e P6OOZ6So8GqQAsjkbYEzpI

  • Start: $19/Month
  • Thrive: $49/Month
  • Pinnacle: $99/Month

What Users Say About SuiteDash?

Product Hunt review: 5/5

Positive Review

SuiteDash is an amazing all-in-one tool with more on the roadmap. Jeremy Woods

G2 Review: 4.8/5

Critical Review

Despite the user-friendly interface, the plethora of features can be overwhelming initially. It takes time to fully understand how to maximize each functionality.

While there are areas for improvement, the overall utility of this software makes it a valuable asset for any business looking to centralize its operations. Regis R.

Is SuiteDash Better than Service Provider Pro?

Select SuiteDash instead of Service Provider Pro if you want an integrated platform consolidating CRM, project management, and invoicing. Its all-in-one solution offers more customization too.

In contrast, SPP outperforms SuiteDash if you just need standalone tools for managing service operations. SuiteDash goes beyond integrated CRM and financials, which may be unnecessary complexity.


D5yIsrg3jkkL4sw9q0UQT6I5Jne6XFYDaCikJgNkWxSGGIxIkZyLEiPH46YHiuSl2v acBf754DE35gjrKZI6QQFzGgo6tkQ6WIDklOzKIqyqHcETc1wdh7ufEpSzFqGhvfGg8HW34DOd6q2T4bMQEYPerfect for design agencies: manage clients, projects, and payments seamlessly in one platform.

ManyRequests is an exceptional alternative to SPP, offering a blend of advanced features and user-centric design. Distinctively, it provides more refined user management tools, enhancing client relationships and communication. 

The billing system in ManyRequests is notably more intuitive and automated, simplifying financial transactions and reducing administrative burden. 

Additionally, it boasts a robust task and project management interface, allowing for efficient tracking and execution of tasks, a feature where SPP lags. 

With its user-friendly dashboard, ManyRequests ensures ease of use, a stark contrast to the more coding-intensive customization required in SPP. 

Overall, ManyRequests offers a more comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly experience, making it a superior choice for businesses seeking an effective service provider solution.

Key Features

ManyRequests excels as an SPP alternative, especially in user management and operational efficiency. Key features include:

Enhanced Client Management System:

Offers advanced tools for managing client interactions and relationships effectively.

Client Communication Portal:

Streamlines communication with clients, ensuring clarity and timely responses.

Automated Billing and Invoicing:

jKxIqHAPor1mcUrzRCCUQhwfxZl95v7rLI7unzOep0SbAeYqSimplifies financial transactions, reducing errors and administrative effort.

Task and Project Management:

Provides robust tools for tracking and managing tasks and projects efficiently.


  • Easy client, project, and task management.
  • Boost client interactions with a portal.
  • Personalize it to match your brand.
  • Create invoices, and accept payments.
  • Budget-friendly service provider alternative.


  • Not compatible with all apps.
  • May not suit rapid growth.


SvQVbyHNz Jm8qwd5BjAuy H5DPK55 jlf0ZjVEBFAUe1B4Sni0DpaDIhvO8wDT

There is no Free plan;

  • Starter: $99/Month
  • Core:  $149/Month
  • Pro:  $399/Month

What Users Say About ManyRequests?

Product Hunt review: Not Reviewed

G2 Review: Not Reviewed

Is ManyRequests Better than Service Provider Pro?

ManyRequests beats SPP with superior client Gateways for communication and intuitive task tracking. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface also contrasts with Service Provider Pro’s steeper learning curve. It is easy to use.

It exceeds ManyRequests for field businesses needing GPS tracking and scheduling automation. ManyRequests focuses more on general client services rather than field operations.


kKA5X5qbxH9QRuSsv1iHEfHBZ7ndzYth43pZT6LrTHh5LkXwjZ691aZu8Jb9Di6dPerfect For Contractors: Manage Clients, Schedule Jobs, And Analyze Business Effectively.

ServiceTitan emerges as a top alternative to Service Provider Pro, particularly for field service businesses. While SPP is geared towards general service business management, ServiceTitan specializes in the needs of field service industries like HVAC, marketing automation, plumbing, and electrical services. 

It offers robust scheduling, template, and dispatching features, crucial for managing field technicians, which is a specific area where it outshines SPP. 

Additionally, ServiceTitan provides advanced tools for real-time tracking of field operations, customer relationship management, and detailed reporting. 

These features make it highly suitable for businesses seeking a comprehensive, field-service-oriented solution, as opposed to the more generalized service management focus of SPP.

Key Features

ServiceTitan stands out as a Service Provider Pro alternative with features tailored for field services:

Enhanced User  Management:

Offers robust tools for detailed client tracking and relationship management.

Real-Time Customer Updates:

Provides updates and notifications to clients about service status and technician arrivals.

Efficient Scheduling and Dispatching:

jG2RoqBdSIoHB9M5yDbAdVJoyrpOBsRBTKr6nlW1QAEDjEnpBN6QtMSjHwsAD3lZQanpNEZ5f3VpFj2o6mbmXGeUd115OSoTM YR 68Z4uJn2vyQXs9ocrcwuUJyXaHTOgvW5A9unw3T7tlbj38uTVUFacilitates optimal scheduling of field technicians for improved operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

3Fj51tbQURQN 6kOcDBX0lNlA OEvpJug6RKbydPK5BL38vbKUQdk6j5AjC2SDpqrxJqZbf3JXOtahD14hoDfFpPBuvtjN3fj9KrFcmYXUszHkBn39yOrFIkmgft9tf5SO5NAQch7Tj jrrKOAHSl4Delivers in-depth insights into business performance, customer trends, and service effectiveness.


  • All-in-one solution integrating various business functions.
  • Enhanced customer experience features.
  • Real-time data and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Efficient work management and payroll processing.


  • May have a learning curve for new users.
  • Pricing might be higher compared to basic alternatives.

Pricing Plan

nf6Up19Ln2EIBVcjVijvEB9ArqxDfWiK3lamQNSxyVXU0dJa PJzpRGzMBRUepWFDb6tcEBVBW2G iK9djBvtVt5rihIwU4XxuBal0jBFamQ9cJy K1Ev6iEdaj nVBq3vbiSwpJnDv7gI3Raep0St8

  • Starter: Custom Pricing
  • Essential: Custom Pricing
  • The Works: Custom Pricing

What Users Say About ServiceTitan?

G2 Review: 4.4/5

Positive Review

We use the project tracking feature a lot. We love to be able to know what phase of a job we are on with a quick glance. We also like having a clear view of our open invoices and QuickBooks through the accounting tab. Molly F.

Critical Review

The only downside is eventually you will have to change advisors, and people move. I have never had a bad success manager, so it’s not a horrible thing. Mary W.

Is ServiceTitan Better than Service Provider Pro?

ServiceTitan surpasses SPP for field service businesses needing robust dispatching and real-time tracking. It specializes in the distinct needs of industries like HVAC and plumbing.

It beats ServiceTitan for users wanting primarily office-based service management without advanced field service capabilities. ServiceTitan zeroes in on field requirements.

Housecall Pro

2aFlyPLSZPlPHSgUPTPmVj9kRzEjIuoBuHbTpvckCgJIGnOgCLdCreFNb5AMTUJ4Vwe86S1qzXcClpBlDaHObHYka8 zIppuhsBGBest For HVAC, Plumbing, And Electrical Businesses, Improving Scheduling, Dispatch, And Customer Engagement.

Housecall Pro is one of the best alternatives to Service Provider Pro, particularly for home service businesses. Its user-friendly interface surpasses SPP in ease of use, making scheduling and job tracking more efficient. 

Housecall Pro offers superior client management features, including a robust CRM system that streamlines customer interactions. 

The platform’s invoicing and payment processing capabilities are more advanced, facilitating faster invoicing and payment collection. Additionally, Housecall Pro provides real-time GPS tracking for service technicians, a feature not available in SPP. 

With its comprehensive reporting tools, businesses gain valuable insights for better decision-making. Overall, Housecall Pro offers a more tailored and efficient solution for home service businesses compared to Service Provider Pro.

Key Features

Housecall Pro excels over SPP with features tailored for home service businesses:

Enhanced User  Management:

Offers a sophisticated CRM system for efficient customer relationship handling.

Automated Communication Tools:

6TlHG4PKXaQN4CeufjbbqI3BylC3uGVGo2IciK0DdFrYCJh7mR421tDzUfPu01Av7nfHjtCBeFbpMq1cMaPuX6OO7DrYGb5djlJkXehQHglWF mVRKXRIWzTWKYRYlPKtHRn s2cZWU7IhdqQrbwGUIncludes automated SMS and email notifications, improving client engagement and service updates.

Advanced Invoicing and Payment Processing:

9jkXIAqWuKNgQm g8e0H7yb0SQqA75ZrJXGVQqgOc2Gf1 F5NtDdyl6casOKJQ amJX9fmTw5tZMe0QcQcxpdBIL0oOLvNWn1a0PpwxTl9syA7qq AIP7cB0QOk0gMoXhFDCpsMQpThlT9FRdgvpBhUFacilitates quick and easy invoicing, along with seamless payment collection.

Real-time GPS Tracking:

Provides GPS tracking for technicians, enhancing scheduling and operational efficiency.


  • All-in-one solution for various business needs.
  • User-friendly interface for easy scheduling and dispatching.
  • Effective invoicing and payment collection features.
  • Supports business growth and workforce scaling.


  • May require training for full utilization of all features.
  • Specific advanced features might be overwhelming for small businesses.

Pricing Plan


  • Basic: $49
  • Essential: $129
  • Max: Custom

What Users Say About Housecall Pro?

G2 Review: 4.2/5

Positive Review

Compared to other programs, it’s extremely user-friendly. If you get stumped, you can reach out via the blue bubble, or there are plenty of tutorials to walk you through with step-by-step instructions. Most tutorials have photos, so you know what you’re looking for and how to implement it. Monica P.

Critical Review

The CRM aspect of HCP is not very robust. Marisa F.

Is Housecall Pro Better than Service Provider Pro? 

Housecall Pro dominates SPP for home service businesses needing seamless scheduling, invoicing, and tracking. Its superior interface and tailored functionality excel here.

Service Provider Pro tops Housecall Pro if you don’t require home service specialization. Housecall Pro intensely focuses on home service niche needs that SPP does not match.

Reasons To Consider Service Provider Pro Replacement 

Searching for alternatives to SPP can be driven by various reasons, Here we explore:

  • Limited Customization without Coding: Customizing order forms in SPP requires significant coding, making it less user-friendly for those seeking unique, easy-to-customize forms.
  • Young Software with Occasional Quirks: Being a relatively new software, SPP sometimes lacks certain interface features and may exhibit quirks, although it is improving over time.
  • Limited Helpdesk Features: The helpdesk component of SPP is not as robust compared to specialized solutions like Zendesk, especially in terms of automation capabilities.
  • Dependency on Customer Service for Form Setup: Users may encounter difficulties in setting up forms, necessitating reliance on customer service, which, while exceptional, can be a bottleneck.
  • Limited Direct Control and Knowledge: Outsourcing to an MSP means less direct control over IT systems and the MSP may lack deep knowledge of specific business applications and vendor nuances.
  • Variation in MSP Quality and Responsiveness: There’s a significant variation in the quality and responsiveness of MSPs, making it challenging to choose the right one. This variation can affect support and pricing.
  • Contractual Commitments: Often, there are minimum contract periods (like one year) with MSPs, which can be a limitation if you’re unsatisfied with the service and want to switch providers.

Key Features To Consider While Choosing Service Provider Pro Alternative? 

rE88glmO8kWy6miAcrsABMhpF31SP5BVMnVWbKUl7kLkiY7rGYt5OiXq cyG0z61k4T7M49xZtfGmuWP5x2NCKirn radDV05T 4l4VZTmr4eDq37RaPLMwQzO3jGSRbMcm01wMprtMDzebMqUBZlh8When selecting an alternative to Service Provider Pro, it’s crucial to consider features that not only match but also enhance what SPP offers. Here are key features to look for when choosing the best replacement for SPP:

Advanced Client Management

Look for a system that allows for detailed tracking of client interactions, preferences, and history to improve relationship management and customer satisfaction.

Efficient Task and Project Tracking

A robust task and project tracking system, as seen in others, is essential. This feature helps in efficiently managing workflows, deadlines, and team productivity.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface is key for seamless operation. It should offer ease of navigation and minimal need for technical expertise, making the platform accessible to all users.

Automated Billing and Invoicing

Beyond what others offer, seek an alternative that includes automated billing and invoicing to streamline financial processes, reduce errors, and save time.

So, What’s The Best Service Provider Pro Alternative?

From our comprehensive research and evaluation, Agency Handy emerges as the top alternative to Service Provider Pro. It excels with its array of essential features for effortless project management, all at a cost-effective price, making it ideal for startups and small teams. 

Moreover, Agency Handy’s outstanding customer service sets it apart, ensuring you spend less time resolving issues and more on productive tasks. 

For those seeking other options, Client Portal and Copilot are also commendable choices, both equipped with robust functionalities to effectively replace SPP.

Ready to enhance your project management experience? Explore Agency Handy’s impressive features today with its free, no-commitment trial.

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Final Words

Finding the right Service Provider Pro alternative is a critical decision that hinges on your specific business needs, size, and budget. Each option, from Agency Handy to ServiceTitan, and Housecall Pro, offers unique features and capabilities. 

To make an informed choice, assess your requirements, explore user feedback, and consider the scalability and integration capabilities of each platform. By doing so, you can select the best alternative that enhances your service management and drives business growth.