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Service Provider Pro Pricing

Service Provider Pro Pricing 2024: Overpriced or Best Value?

Service Provider Pro Pricing

Service Provider Pro offers a flexible pricing model with three tiers:

  1. Basic: $129/month or $99/month (yearly billing) for up to 5 team members
  2. Pro: $299/month or $249/month (yearly billing) for up to 10 team members
  3. Plus: $1,500/month for up to 50 team members

The Basic plan includes a custom workspace domain, white-label email domain, built-in helpdesk, and affiliate tracking.

The Pro plan adds editable client-facing pages, client-side teams, and a reseller program.

The Plus plan offers custom rules & workflows, custom integrations, priority support, removal of “Powered by” branding, uptime SLA, and API access.

In the following sections, we will delve into the details of Service Provider Pro’s flexible pricing model and its three tiers—Basic, Pro, and Plus—highlighting the specific features and benefits included in each plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Service Provider Pro offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Plus. The Basic Plan is ideal for small digital marketing, SEO, or content agencies and freelancers. The Pro Plan suits growing agencies needing advanced client management, team collaboration, and reselling capabilities. The Plus Plan is tailored for large agencies with complex requirements such as custom rules, workflows, integrations, and dedicated support.
  • Service Provider Pro provides a comprehensive feature set designed specifically for digital marketing, content, and SEO agencies, which may justify its pricing for those needing specialized capabilities. However, other alternatives offer similar or better value depending on your specific business needs.
  • This article also reviews three alternatives: AgencyHandy, suitable for all digital agencies needing a centralized operations platform; Copilot, ideal for professional service businesses consolidating multiple tools; and Clinked, best for industries requiring a customizable, secure client portal. These comparisons can help you evaluate the best option based on their business needs and budget.

What Is Service Provider Pro?

Service Provider Pro is a web-based platform tailored for digital marketing, content, and SEO agencies to manage clients, projects, billing, and operations through features like order forms, client portals, basic project management, team management, helpdesk, analytics, and third-party integrations.

It offers a comprehensive solution to streamline client management, project workflows, billing, and team collaboration.

Key features include customizable order forms with invoicing capabilities, client portals for a branded experience, and basic order management, task assignments, and deadline tracking, helping agencies efficiently manage client relationships and ensure timely project delivery.

The platform also provides team management features like permission controls and collaboration tools, along with a built-in helpdesk for handling client inquiries. Its analytics and reporting capabilities offer insights into revenue, team performance, and client value, enabling data-driven decisions.

Additionally, Service Provider Pro integrates with third-party tools such as ActiveCampaign, Stripe, and Zapier, allowing agencies to enhance their existing tech stack and streamline operations further.

Service Provider Pro Pricing Plans Comparison

Service Provider Pro Pricing

Before getting into the specifics of each plan, let’s take a brief overview of all three plans to get a comparative analysis.


Basic$99/month (Annual Billing)$129/month (Monthly Billing)

Pro$249/month (Annual Billing)$299/month (Monthly Billing)


Team members




Custom workplace domain




White-label email domain




Built-in Helpdesk




Affiliate and referral tracking




Editable client-facing pages




Client-side teams




Create a reseller program




Custom rules & Workplace




Custom integrations




Priority support via Slack 




Remove “powered by”




Uptime SLA




API Access




How is Service Provider Pro’s Cost Calculated?

Service Provider Pro follows a straightforward subscription-based pricing model with three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Plus. The cost is primarily determined by the chosen plan and the billing cycle (monthly or yearly).

Factors Affecting the Pricing:

  1. Number of Team Members: The Basic plan supports up to 5 team members, the Pro plan supports up to 10, and the Plus plan supports up to 50 team members. Larger teams may need to explore custom pricing options.
  2. Billing Cycle: Customers can choose between monthly or yearly billing. Yearly billing offers a discounted rate compared to the monthly option for the Basic and Pro plans.
  3. Custom Features: The Plus plan includes custom rules, workflows, integrations, and API access, which may require additional costs or negotiations for specific requirements.
  4. Priority Support: The Plus plan includes priority support, which may be an added cost for lower tiers or negotiable based on support needs.
  5. Branding Removal: The ability to remove the “Powered by” branding is included only in the Plus plan meaning if you want 100% white labeling you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan

While Service Provider Pro’s pricing is primarily based on the selected plan and billing cycle, factors like team size, contract length, custom features, and support needs can influence the final cost, particularly for larger agencies or enterprises with unique requirements.

Service Provider Pro Basic Plan

The Service Provider Pro Basic plan is designed for small digital marketing, SEO, and content agencies or freelancers looking for a unified platform to manage clients, projects, and billing.

It supports a minimum of 1 user and a maximum of 5 users for the base price. The monthly cost is $129 if billed monthly or $99 per month if billed annually. This pricing covers up to 5 users. For the Basic and Pro plans, additional team members can be added for $20 per user per month. You can add as many team members as you want in any of their plans.

Key features you’ll get in the Basic plan are a custom workspace domain, white-label email domain, built-in helpdesk,1 TB of storage, and affiliate tracking capabilities.

One of the features of the Basic Plan is the ability to set up a custom workspace domain. This increases your brand’s professional appearance and ensures that all interactions with clients are consistently branded with your brand.

Additionally, you can use a white-label email domain, allowing you to send emails from your domain rather than a generic one. This feature is crucial for maintaining your brand identity and building client trust.

Service Provider Pro Email

The plan also comes with a built-in helpdesk feature, enabling you to provide efficient support to your clients and streamline communication, making sure that client inquiries and issues are addressed promptly.

One more valuable feature included in the Basic Plan is affiliate tracking capabilities. This allows you to manage and monitor your affiliate programs effectively. Whether you already have an affiliate marketing strategy or plan to develop one, this tool can help you expand your business reach.

Service Provider Pro Affiliate

The Service Provider Pro Basic plan is designed to be a cost-effective solution for small teams or individual service providers.

By consolidating client management, project tracking, billing, and support into one platform, it reduces the need for multiple software subscriptions.

This not only saves you money but also simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus more on delivering quality services to your clients rather than juggling multiple tools and systems.

Features included:

  • Client Portal: Provide your clients with a dedicated portal for project visibility and communication.
  • Team Members: 1-5 team members are included in the base price. Additional members are $20/month per seat.
  • Unlimited Orders, Clients, Services, and Forms: Manage an unlimited number of client orders, projects, service offerings, and custom forms.
  • 1TB File Storage: Store and share files with clients, up to 1 terabyte of storage space.
  • Integrations: Integrate with popular tools like Zapier and Webhooks for streamlined workflows.
  • Client Portal Customization: Customize the colors, menus, and language of the client portal to match your branding.
  • Unlimited Order Messaging: Communicate with clients directly through the portal or email, without limits.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: Create custom order forms, contact forms, and intake forms using a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.
  • Priority Email Support: Receive prioritized email support for any queries or issues.
  • Custom Workspace Domain: Access your workspace from a custom domain (e.g.,
  • White-Label Email Domain: Send emails from a branded email address (e.g.,
  • Built-in Helpdesk: Manage customer inquiries and support tickets through a powerful built-in helpdesk system.
  • Affiliate and Referral Tracking: Track and reward client referrals to generate word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Permission Controls, Task Assignments, and User Activity: Manage user permissions, assign tasks, and track user activity within the platform.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: Create custom forms using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Pros of the Basic plan:

  • Includes essential features like a custom workspace domain and white-label email
  • Built-in helpdesk for centralized client support
  • Affiliate tracking capabilities to manage referral programs
  • 1 TB of storage space
  • Scalable to the Pro or Plus plan as business grows

Drawbacks of the Basic plan:

  • Limited to a maximum of 5 team members in the base price. Additional members can be added for $20/month. 
  • No custom rules or workflow customization
  • No custom integrations or API access
  • Priority support via Slack is not included
  • While it includes a white-label email domain, 100% white labeling (removing “Powered by” branding) is only available in the Plus plan
  • Fewer advanced features compared to Pro and plans
  • Will need to upgrade to a more expensive tier if your business scales up

Service Provider Pro Plan

The Service Provider Pro Pro plan caters to growing digital marketing, SEO, and content agencies requiring advanced features for client management, team collaboration, and reselling capabilities.

It supports a minimum of 1 user and a maximum of 10 users included in the base price, with a storage capacity of 1 Terabyte. The monthly cost is $299 if billed monthly, or $249 per month if billed annually.

With its expanded functionality and team management tools, this plan is well-suited for agencies looking to scale their operations while maintaining a professional and branded client experience.

The ability to edit client-facing pages, allowing you full customization of branding, content, and layout to ensure a consistent and professional representation of the agency’s brand helps to create trust and reinforces the agency’s identity.

For team collaboration, the Pro Plan includes client-side teams and user roles, enabling effective management and collaboration by assigning specific roles and permissions to team members. This improves efficiency, reduces errors, and enhances project delivery.

The plan also includes a reseller program, allowing outside agencies to resell your services, products, or solutions to clients, creating new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

Service Provider Pro Reseller

Features included:

  • Everything included in the Basic plan, plus:
  • Team Members: 1-10 team members are included in the base price. Additional members are $20/month per seat.
  • Editable Client-Facing Pages: Customize the source code of client-facing pages to create a unique look for your agency.
  • Client-Side Teams: Allow clients to invite their team members and control access to orders, tickets, and invoices.
  • Reseller Program Creation: Enable other agencies to import and resell your services with a markup.

Pros of the Pro plan:

  • Ability to fully customize and brand client-facing pages for a professional experience
  • Client-side teams and user roles for better team management and collaboration
  • Reseller Program to diversify revenue streams by allowing third-party resellers to resell your services/products with a markup
  • Supports up to 10 team members, suitable for growing agencies
  • Includes all features from the Basic Plan (order forms, client portal, helpdesk, etc.)
  • Enhances client experience and agency’s professional branding

Drawbacks of the Pro plan:

  • More expensive than the Basic Plan
  • Limited to 1-10 users for the base price. Costs $129/month or $99/month if billed annually. Add extra users for $20/user per month. 
  • No custom rules or workflow customization beyond pre-built options
  • No custom integrations or API access
  • Priority support via Slack is not included
  • While it includes a white-label email domain, 100% white labeling (removing “Powered by” branding) is only available in the Plus plan
  • Fewer advanced features compared to the Plus plan
  • 1TB storage may not be sufficient for large agencies with very high volume of data needs

Service Provider Pro Plus Plan 

The Service Provider Pro Plus Plan is a top-tier offering, designed for large digital marketing, SEO, and content agencies with advanced requirements. It costs $1,500 per month for both monthly and annual billing.

Key features include custom rules & workflows, custom integrations, priority support, removal of “Powered by” branding, uptime SLA, and API access. The plan supports a minimum of 1 user and a maximum of 50 users which is included in the base price. For additional members, you can customize the pricing based on your team size. 

The Plus Plan is best suited for enterprises or agencies seeking highly customizable solutions, robust integrations, and dedicated support to meet their unique business needs.

One feature included in the Plus plan is the ability to create custom rules and workflows, allowing organizations to design unique processes that integrate seamlessly with their existing practices. This customization streamlines operations, automates tasks, and optimizes service delivery.

The Plus Plan also supports custom integrations, enabling seamless connection with existing technology stacks or third-party applications. With API access, developers can build tailored applications and extensions.

Service Provider Pro API

Priority support and an uptime SLA ensure reliable, responsive assistance and system availability, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Another key advantage is removing “Powered by” branding, offering a fully white-labeled experience that enhances the professional image and reinforces brand identity.

Features included:

  • Everything included in the Pro plan, plus:
  • 50 Team Members: Supports 1-50 users at the base price. Custom pricing for additional members.
  • Custom Rules & Workflows: Implement custom rules and workflows tailored to your agency’s processes using the API.
  • Custom Integrations: Develop custom integrations to connect with other tools and systems.
  • Priority Support via Slack: Receive prioritized support through a shared Slack channel with the Service Provider Pro team.
  • Remove “Powered by”: Eliminate the “Powered by” branding from the platform for a fully white-labeled experience.
  • Uptime SLA: Benefit from a 99.9% uptime guarantee and custom uptime and support service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • API Access: Utilize webhooks and APIs for unlimited automation possibilities and custom integrations.

Pros of the SPP Pro plan:

  • Ability to create fully custom rules and workflows tailored to specific business needs
  • Custom integrations to connect with existing tech stack and third-party applications
  • API access for building custom applications, extensions, or integrations
  • 100% white labeling by removing “Powered by” branding for professional representation
  • Priority support with a dedicated team for prompt issue resolution
  • Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for guaranteed system availability and reliability
  • Supports 1-50 users at the base price, suitable for large agencies and enterprises
  • Includes all features from Basic and Pro plans (order forms, client portal, reselling, etc.)
  • Highly customizable and flexible solution for complex business requirements

Drawbacks of the Service Provider Pro Plus plan:

  • Significantly more expensive at $1,500 per month compared to other plans
  • No discounted pricing option for annual billing
  • 1 TB of storage may be limited for large amounts of data needs
  • Advanced features like custom rules, integrations, and API access require technical expertise to fully utilize
  • Overkill and unnecessary for smaller agencies or freelancers with basic requirements
  • Vendor lock-in due to custom integrations and workflows built specifically for the platform
  • Onboarding and implementation is more complex due to the highly customizable nature of the plan
  • Costs associated with building and maintaining custom integrations and applications using the API
  • While highly flexible, customizations may come at the expense of out-of-the-box functionality

Does Service Provider Pro Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Service Provider Pro does offer a 14-day free trial on their Basic and Pro plans. All you need to do is sign up for your desired plan with your work email as you cannot use your personal email. However, you don’t need to provide your credit card information to opt for their free trial. If you want to try the “Plus” plan, you can book a demo as they don’t offer any free trial directly from their website for this premium plan.

Service Provider Pro API Pricing

While there is no additional cost for getting API Access, the drawback lies in spending $1500/month on the Plus plan to get API access, which may be too expensive for small businesses or freelancers to consider. Not only this, if you plan to develop new applications or tools using the API, there will be development costs involved. So, weigh these costs against the potential benefits before proceeding.

Does Service Provider Pro Offer Discounts for Non-Profits/Students/Academic/Guest?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or special pricing for non-profits, students, academic institutions, or guests offered by Service Provider Pro. Service Provider Pro employs a uniform pricing model across its customer base, irrespective of their affiliations or backgrounds.

Service Provider Pro Additional (Hidden) Cost and Fees

Service Provider Pro does require some additional charges for some specific circumstances as follows:

  • Setup fees

Your first onboarding session is free, however, if you need more help due to complex requirements, you can email Service Provider Pro with the details and they will assist you further with the required charges (if applicable).

  • Additional user cost
    Additional users cost $20 per month per seat, which can be a hidden cost that increases the total price significantly.

Is Service Provider Pro Worth The Price?

For agencies and service providers looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their client work, projects, and team collaboration, Service Provider Pro (SPP) offers a compelling set of features that justifies its pricing. Some standout capabilities exclusive to Service Provider Pro include:

Reseller Program

The reseller program allows you to onboard other agencies as resellers, enabling them to resell your services under their branding. Resellers get their dedicated workspace with their company’s branding and the ability to control pricing. When a reseller sells your service to an end client, you receive automatic payment without any manual effort involved, while conversations between you and the end client remain seamlessly synchronized, despite the reseller acting as the middleman.

Powerful Analytics

Service Provider Pro offers comprehensive analytics to enhance revenue and team performance, enabling you to track revenue by service, client, or discounts, monitor order completion and response times, identify top clients and their lifetime value, assess team workload for optimal resource allocation, and export data for custom stakeholder reports.

Email Customization

Service Provider Pro stands out with its transactional email customization, allowing you to send and receive client communications from your agency’s domain (e.g., with full HTML access for editing. This enables personalized emails displaying your team member’s name, automated follow-ups for various tasks, and seamless integration of client replies into the project workspace, ensuring a professional and cohesive client experience.

While these exclusive features can benefit your agency, Service Provider Pro might not be cost-effective for every business. Depending on your needs and budget, there are alternative solutions that offer similar or better value at a comparable and lower price.

Some limitations or drawbacks of Service Provider Pro that might make alternatives more appealing:

  • The platform lacks order and project management capabilities, including limited task visibility, no client feedback tools, and an inability to track task progress and deadlines in detail.
  • Service Provider Pro has inferior support features, lacking multi-channel options beyond email.
  • No native support for generating professional quotes and proposals
  • Subscription management automation is limited, requiring manual setup for each billing cycle and lacking intelligent workflow automation for recurring orders.
  • The platform’s inadequate scalability for complex organizational structures, with a single workspace model unlike Agency Handy’s multi-workspace support, makes it difficult to manage diverse clients or projects simultaneously within one account.
  • Expensive pricing for advanced features like watermark removal ($1,500/month “Plus” plan)

When choosing software, carefully consider the features, cost, user-friendliness, and how well it works with the tools and processes you already use.

To assist you, we will now provide a comprehensive table comparing alternatives to Service Provider Pro, detailing their features, pricing, and value.

Service Provider Pro Alternatives

To make an informed decision about which Service Provider Pro plan best suits your needs, it’s important to understand the specific features included in each pricing tier. The following table provides a clear overview of the key differences between the plans, allowing you to easily compare and evaluate the value proposition of each option. By reviewing the feature set across the pricing tiers, you can determine which plan aligns most closely with your business requirements and budget.


Service Provider Pro

Agency Handy



Free Plan

Not available 

Not available 

Not available 

Not available 

Max Number of seats in the starter plan

5 seats

3 seats

1 seat

100 seats

Paid Plan Starts with monthly billing





Paid Plan Starts with yearly billing





Major Pros

  • Email customization with HTML code access.

  • Reseller and affiliate program.

  • Analytics with clients’ LTV and Team’s performance tracking.

  • API access.

  • 15+ Native and Portal integrations.

  • Intuitive design

  • Public URL sharing option for individual service and the service catalog.

  • Service catalog embedding through iframe.

  • Powerful order management.

  • Subscription management with automated invoicing and task distribution.

  • Proposal

  • Lightening fast multi-channel support in all plans.

  • 100% white-label on all plans.

  • Secure file sharing and collaboration.

  • Customizable, branded client portal experience.

  • Workflow automation with conditional logic.

  • Scalable client and storage limits.

  • ntegration with custom and partner apps.

  • Security and compliance certifications.

  • Extensive white labeling and custom branding options.

  • Wide range of integration choices.

  • Version control and audit trail tracking.

  • Flexible workspace management for clients/projects.

Major Cons

  • Order management is not powerful enough for complex projects.

  • No client approval process.

  • Offers only a single workspace.

  • Weak support in Basic and Pro plans.

  • Requires signing up for the $1500 “Plus” plan to remove SPP branding.

  • No API access.

  • Limited integration option.

  • No affiliate tracking, complicating management of affiliate partnerships.

  • Credit card processing fees, impacting profitability.

  • No native helpdesk for customer support.

  • Limited integration options beyond Zapier.

Best Suitable for

Agencies requiring extensive integration and API needs

Digital agencies of all sizes

Service businesses, streamlining operations, enhancing client experiences, automating workflows

Agencies requiring security, compliance certifications, and extensive white-labeling capabilities.

Customer Ratings for Service Provider Pro Pricing

4.9 out of 5

5 out of 5

4.9 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

As you explore options to understand what works best for you, it’s essential to understand the fundamental differences between platforms like Service Provider Pro and others. The following section dives deeper into how Service Provider Pro compares across key areas such as project management, client handling, scalability, and integrations, helping agencies make informed decisions. 

Service Provider Pro vs Agency Handy

When it comes to client portal solutions, Agency Handy and Service Provider Pro offer a range of features, but there are notable differences that set them apart.

Agency Handy excels over Service Provider Pro in areas such as task management, order tracking, client collaboration, and branding customization, while Service Provider Pro shines with its extensive third-party integrations and built-in affiliate program.

SPP Order Management

Unlike Service Provider Pro’s limited task management and order/project status visibility, Agency Handy empowers agencies to create, assign, and track tasks within orders effortlessly. This seamless integration of task management into the order workflow enables teams to break down complex projects, assign responsibilities, monitor progress, and meet deadlines with ease.

AgencyHandy Task

Agency Handy takes client collaboration to the next level with its review and approval workflows. These workflows streamline the process of gathering client feedback and obtaining approvals, ensuring that deliverables meet client expectations and build strong client relationships.

In contrast, Service Provider Pro lacks dedicated feedback and approval mechanisms, which can hinder client satisfaction and lead to rework.

Furthermore, Agency Handy provides granular task status tracking, allowing teams to monitor task progress, deadlines, and completion at a detailed level. This level of visibility into individual tasks facilitates better project management, resource allocation, and accountability, ensuring that no task falls through the cracks.

Service Provider Pro currently lacks this level of granular task tracking, which is a drawback for agencies managing complex projects.

Another area where Agency Handy shines is its dedicated feature for creating customizable quotes and proposals. This functionality can be a valuable asset for agencies that frequently need to provide estimates or proposals to clients, streamlining the sales process and enhancing professionalism. Service Provider Pro does not offer a specific feature for this purpose, which is a limitation for businesses that rely heavily on generating quotes or proposals.

AgencyHandy Proposals and Quotes

While Service Provider Pro boasts extensive third-party integrations, Agency Handy stands out with its unique features such as live chat support, a public roadmap for tracking upcoming features, and the ability to remove any “Powered by” branding across all plans. Additionally, Agency Handy offers built-in multi-language support, catering to agencies with diverse client bases or global operations.

AgencyHandy Multi Channel Support

It’s worth noting that Service Provider Pro currently has an edge over Agency Handy with its Reseller program and coupon management capabilities. 

Service Provider Pro vs Copilot

When comparing project management tools, Service Provider Pro takes a task-oriented approach with Copilot, while Copilot adopts a client-centric approach to managing client relationships.

Service Provider Pro excels at handling client-facing work. Opening new projects is streamlined with its client onboarding tools – Copilot makes it easy to guide new clients through estimating, proposals, contracts, and payments upfront. This gets client engagements off on the right foot.

In contrast, Copilot takes more of a supporting role for ongoing client work. It provides lightweight client management tools for tracking work, communicating updates, and maintaining an ongoing service relationship. This client-focused approach is perfect for agencies providing ongoing services month after month.

Where Service Provider Pro shines is handling the day-to-day client operations. Copilot makes it easy to service ongoing client needs through its client management capabilities. This makes Copilot well-suited as a hands-on partner for agencies providing ongoing monthly services.

While Service Provider Pro lacks advanced project management functions like task assignments, scheduling, and resource planning, Copilot provides robust tools to support client-facing delivery. This makes it ideal for agencies focused on hands-on client service, rather than complex project management.

The key difference lies in Service Provider Pro’s emphasis on client-facing operations versus Copilot’s supporting role for agencies providing ongoing services, tailored to client needs.

Service Provider Pro vs Clinked

Service Provider Pro and Clinked take divergent approaches when it comes to client management and project collaboration. While Service Provider Pro focuses on streamlining agency operations, Clinked prioritizes providing a secure and customizable client portal experience.

Service Provider Pro’s strengths lie in features like integrated order forms, invoicing, project management, and a built-in helpdesk with a full context of project history. This centralized approach aims to keep client information, projects, and billing organized under one roof, enabling agencies to scale operations efficiently.

In contrast, Clinked specializes in creating branded and secure client portals for businesses to collaborate with their clients and client-facing teams. Its core capabilities revolve around white-label branding, robust security and compliance features, and a wide range of integrations for seamless workflow extensions.

Where Service Provider Pro shines is in its agency-centric tools for managing the complete client lifecycle, Clinked excels in providing a highly customizable and secure environment for client interactions. Clinked’s white-label branding, custom domains, mobile apps, and extensive security measures make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a professional and tailored client portal solution.

The key differentiator lies in Service Provider Pro’s comprehensive agency management approach versus Clinked’s focus on delivering a secure, branded, and extensible client portal experience. Service Provider Pro caters to agencies seeking an all-in-one solution, while Clinked targets businesses prioritizing a customizable and compliant client collaboration platform.

Agencies handling sensitive data or operating in regulated industries may find Clinked’s robust security and compliance features, such as bank-grade encryption, two-factor authentication, and GDPR compliance, particularly appealing.


Is Service Provider Pro Right for You?

If you’re wondering if Service Provider Pro is right for your team, it depends on your agency’s needs. Service Provider Pro’s Plus plan is ideal for large teams (around 50 members) at $1,500/month ($30/seat). For smaller teams, Agency Handy offers better value with competitive pricing and robust features. Agency Handy’s Pro plan costs $149/month for 10 users ($14.90/seat) and $199/month for 30 users ($6.63/seat).

Does Service Provider Pro Offer Discounts?

Service Provider Pro does not explicitly mention offering discounts for specific groups like non-profits, students, or academic institutions. The pricing structure consists of three standard plans – Basic, Pro, and Plus – without any stated discounted rates based on user affiliations.

Is Service Provider Pro Free?

No, Service Provider Pro is not a free platform. It operates on a paid subscription model with three pricing tiers: Basic ($129/month), Pro ($299/month), and Plus ($1,500/month). There is a 14-day free trial, after which you will need to provide your credit card information to continue using the service. 

Is Service Provider Pro Good for Personal Use?

Service Provider Pro is designed specifically for digital marketing, SEO, and content agencies to manage their business operations. Its features are geared towards agency workflows, client management, and invoicing, making it less suitable for personal use outside of a professional agency context.

Is Service Provider Pro Good for Small Businesses?

Service Provider Pro is suitable for small businesses, but its pricing may not be ideal for very small teams or solopreneurs. The Basic plan is $129/month ($99/month annually) for up to 5 users, offering features like custom branding and a client portal. For solo users, it’s expensive, and for a team of 3, it’s $43/user per month. The cost per user is more reasonable for a team of 5 at $25.80/month. Higher-tier plans with more features are available but are more expensive.

Final Thoughts

Service Provider Pro offers a comprehensive suite tailored for digital agencies, but its pricing may be steep for some. Evaluate your needs, team size, and budget against alternatives like AgencyHandy, Copilot, and Clinked to determine the best fit for streamlining operations and delivering an exceptional client experience.

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